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25.09.2015 11:33:00
The investment project ‘Water of Rostov’, which is realized on the basis of the ‘Rostovvodokanal’, will be displayed on the exposition of the Rostov region on the forum ‘Sochi-2015’.

The Rostov region will present an investment project ‘Water of Rostov’, which is realized based on the Rostov Vodokanal on the International investment forum in Sochi, which takes place from the 1 to the 4 of October. ‘Water of Rostov’ will be included in a separate block of the exposition presenting advanced experience of Don in the sphere of state-private partnership. ‘Water of Rostov’ (‘Complex program of building and reconstruction of water supply and drainage objects of Rostov-on-Don and south-west of the Rostov region’) – investment project in the sphere of water-supply and sewage economy which costs more than 37 billion rubles, coverage area is more than 1,2 million people. The project is realized on the principles of state-and-private partnership (SPP) and financed from the budget of the Investment fund of the Russian Federation, the budget of the Rostov region and Rostov-on-Don and money of the private investor. The lead time of the project is 2004-2023.

24.09.2015 11:34:00
The art of clean water
The final exhibition of VI All-Russia contest ‘The artists of Russia are for clean water’ opened in Sochi in the museum of Nikolai Ostrovsky 15 September. There were about 160 pictorial, sculptural and photo works devoted to the topic of water resources conservation.
14.05.2015 11:37:00
The staff of the companies, entering the group of JSC “Evraziyskiy”, took part in events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory Day.

Ceremonies, dedicated to the 70-s anniversary of the Great Victory Day were held in the premises of the Municipal Enterprises of Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment of the South of Russia, which are the members of JSC “Evraziyskiy”. Festive honoring of the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, who were formerly employed at JSC “Rostovvodokanal”, JSC “Sochivodokanal” and LLC “Southvodokanal”, had taken place on the eve on the 9th of May. The headquarters of JSC “Evraziyskiy” had decided to provide them a pay-off in the sum of 50 000 rub.

12.05.2015 11:38:00
Water and wastewater treatment plants congress.
The delegation from JSC “Evraziyskiy” took part in the Third All-Russian congress of water and wastewater treatment plants, which was held in the city of Alushta, Crimean Republic from the April 22 till April 24. JSC “Evraziyskiy” was represented by the Deputy CEO Dmitry Puzanov and the Senior Executive Vice-President of JSC “Rostovvodokanal” Aleksander Skryabin.
09.10.2014 14:16:00
Sochi Vodokanal accepts applications on accidents through the Internet

Now residents and visitors can communicate on the problems with water supply and sanitation in a dispatching service of " SochiVodokanal " not only by phone 255-05-05 , but with a special application available on the website of the company. However , the electronic application is only a part of the modern information center , whose purpose is to optimize the production process. The new system provides operational records of applications received by the subscribers , helps track the data during emergency repairs , notify consumers about current disconnection from supply, allows for real -time control of the execution of works .

09.10.2014 14:15:00
Students visited KubGMU water treatment plant and the production laboratory of " Tamanskiy group water " LLC " Yugvodokanal "

Tamanskiy branch receives water from surface sources - rivers Kuban Cossack Erik and rivers . Process Engineer CNS and PSB branch " Tamanskiy group water " Natalia Turysheva future health officers acquainted with the process of water treatment , including a primary and secondary chlorination and the use of chemicals. Students have observed all the way , which passes the water before it gets to the pipe and goes to the consumers . They clearly got all the stages of preparation of water , reagent facilities visited , the first and second blocks, sewage treatment plants, industrial laboratory in which he explained how compliance is monitored in water to sanitary rules and norms ( SRN) .

06.10.2014 14:14:00
The powers of the General Director of JSC "Rostovvodokanal" delegated to the managing organization - JSC "Evraziyskiy"
The powers of the General Director of JSC "Rostovvodokanal" delegated to the managing organization - JSC "Evraziyskiy" 
29.09.2014 14:10:00
Lazarevskiy district works on modernization of water supply

Specialists of " SochiVodokanal " conducted complex of works on the reconstruction of the water supply in the Lazarev area. In particular in the central part of the claim . Lasarevskoye , in replacement of valving on the street. Victory. At Pavlova St, 23, they made ​​relining plot conduit 300 meters long.


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