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About company
Long-term contracts offer the prospect of a stable and successful work with the investment capital

Evraziyskiy JSC was established September 5, 1994. When drawing the large-scale investments, establishing the cooperation basis with authorities to deal and solve the affairs together, implementing the state-to-the-art technical innovations, the Company has become one of the leading Russian providers in water supply and utility sector.

One of the main shareholders is the State Corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank). The authorized capital stock comprises 6,23 billion rubles. The personnel working for the company both in subsidiaries and subject companies numbers 7,000 people, the total amount of people served by them in the highly busy seasons is 4 mln people.

The company Evrazyiskiy JSC is one of the highly experienced companies working in the water sector in the south of Russia for a lot of years, that uses the implementation of investment programs and the model of public-private partnership. The unique investment projects have been always supported by the state, turning into an essential starting sites to develop public and private partnership model.

The implementation of investment projects of Evrazyiskiy JSC serves as the administrative center for all stages of the life cycle.

The main objective of Evrazyiskiy JSC in the profile of the water sector is to increase the operating efficiency of water utilities, create a stable environment for the smooth delivery of water services to the territories where the business operates.

At the organization of the utilities of the «Evrazyiskiy» adheres to the following principles:

  • increasing the availability of drinking water for the population at the expense of the ongoing modernization of water utilities;
  • outpacing growth in the quality of services in relation to growth rates;
  • taking the parameters of water and wastewater systems in conformity with the land use planning documents, as well as programs of social and economic development;
  • use of debt financing for the implementation of capital investment as measures to reduce the load on the rates by reallocating costs to future periods;
  • use of economic benefits from the investment as a source of repayment.

Since 2007 the company has been using a unprecedented system of public examination of investment projects through all stages of the implementation of both the leading Russian and international experts and stakeholders. In forming the investment and production plans the company strictly adheres to the principle of «best available technology» in addition to rules established by legislation and regulations The company's policy in the field of environmental protection is to reduce the negative impact on the nature of the substances formed during the preparation and processing of water, as well as during the life of the population.

The social significance of solutions made by «Evrazyiskiy» demands much skill and professionalism of all the Company's experts — from line staff to managers. Therefore, a key element in the success of Evrazyiskiy JSC, and the main asset is the staff of more than 7,000 professionals capable of solving problems of any complexity.

The system of social benefits and guarantees at Evrazyiskiy JSC is based on the unique collective agreements providing for the best possible social support workers. All the provisions of collective agreements are permanently kept.

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