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19.08.2014 15:31:00 The officers of the court recover 20 million in overall from LLC “Krymskiy Vodokanal”.
18.08.2014 15:25:00 The experts confirm the accuracy of water metering unit reading data
18.08.2014 15:22:00 Altai Regional Labour Union Organization thanks colleagues from Rostov Vodokanal for relief assistance to flood sufferers.
15.08.2014 15:17:00 A call center launched a year ago in LLC “SochiVodokanal” helps to respond residents’ requests efficiently
14.08.2014 15:11:00 Employees of LLC "Sochivodokanal" set in order the collecting pipe at Meteleva Street.
13.08.2014 15:08:00 S.Y.Svetlitsky was elected as a Director General of JSC “PO Vodokanal”
13.08.2014 15:04:00 Antimagnetic seals provide first results
13.08.2014 15:02:00 Dictating and control points allow regulating the operating process of Rostov Vodokanal quickly and efficiently increasing the reliability of water supply
12.08.2014 15:00:00 Eight gusts being eliminated by specialists of the branch "Yeisky group water " LLC " Yugvodokanal " August 9th
08.08.2014 14:58:00 Sochi Vodokanal employees help refugees from the eastern regions of Ukraine
08.08.2014 14:56:00 Specialists of " Troitskiy group waterpipe " LLC " Yugvodokanal " perform work on the promotion and protection of water mains
06.08.2014 14:35:00 Rostov Vodokanal: multi-family housing will pay directly
06.08.2014 14:26:00 The first regional competition for the title " Best Worker" among water utilities Rostov region was held in JSC " Vodokanal"
04.08.2014 14:24:00 Troitskiy group waterpipe under LLC " Yugvodokanal holds team-headquarters emergency training exercises
01.08.2014 14:15:00 A new section of sewer collector in the Mamayka
01.08.2014 14:11:00 List of companies , allowing gross violations in the discharge of wastewater into the municipal sewage system , published on the website of Rostov Vodokanal
31.07.2014 12:59:00 Rostov Vodokanal cleans and disinfects water using modern technology
25.07.2014 11:49:00 Volunteers employees of LLC " Sochivodokanal " raids
23.07.2014 14:41:00 Rostov Vodokanal introduces the participants of the all-Russian contest "Best Worker" organized by JSC "Evraziyskiy "with local cultural traditions
23.07.2014 12:12:00 Rostov Vodokanal introduces the participants to the all-Russian contest «Best Worker» organized by JSC «Evraziyskiy»

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