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22.07.2014 18:02:00 Rostov Vodokanal holds nationwide competition «Best Worker», dedicated to the 20th anniversary of JSC «Evraziyskiy»
22.07.2014 17:56:00 Rostov Vodokanal conduct raids to disable consumer — dodgers for water
17.07.2014 17:50:00 Professional contest «Best Worker» among water utilities of Russia, organized by JSC «Evraziyskiy», is held in Rostov-on-Don
09.07.2014 17:35:00 More than 700 people have been trained in Personnel Training Center of Rostov Vodokanal in the current year
08.07.2014 17:32:00 Quality in Rostov Vodokanal is under constant supervision
07.07.2014 17:27:00 Rostov Vodokanal: water and sanitation specialists, trained in RSCU reflects a reliable talent pool
02.07.2014 17:22:00 Rostov Vodokanal sums up the contest «Best Worker»
01.07.2014 17:14:00 Sochi meets heads of financial and economic departments and chief accountants of enterprises of belonged to «Evraziyskiy» holding
30.06.2014 13:35:00 Rostov Vodokanal disables four apartment buildings with unauthorized connection.
25.06.2014 13:16:00 Rostov Vodokanal: the trade union provides charitable assistance to workers in the sphere of water supply and sanitation sector of the Crimea.
23.06.2014 13:09:00 Rostov Vodokanal: «My Account» on the website allows a user to be aware of charges and recalculations, pay for utilities and services, etc.
18.06.2014 12:45:00 Rostov Vodokanal: «Best Worker» promotes professional skill
16.06.2014 12:22:00 Rostov Vodokanal blocks the sewage system at an unauthorized apartment building.
11.06.2014 11:42:00 Rostov Vodokanal gets the prize in the First National Award at water sector of the Russian Federation
11.06.2014 Congratulations on Russia Day
09.06.2014 21:35:00 Delegation of JSC «Evraziyskiy» takes part in the business program of the International Water Forum «ECWATECH 2014»
05.06.2014 21:18:00 Rostov Vodokanal connects new water lines and replaces valves
03.06.2014 21:47:00 Rostov Vodokanal: motor company professional contest announces driver and excavator operator best
28.05.2014 21:43:00 Sochi Vodokanal specialists and volunteers organize an environmental campaign
27.05.2014 21:58:00 Rostov Vodokanal disconnects two illegally attached apartment buildings

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