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07.05.2014 21:14:00 The Vth all-Russian contest «Artists of Russia vote for the clean water» starts
30.04.2014 21:03:00 A-level credit rating of «Evraziyskiy» proved
30.04.2014 20:46:00 The 20th anniversary of «Evraziyskiy» in Rostov-on-Don with linden alley planted
09.04.2014 17:11:00 Sochi water utility employees actively participated in the Olympic torch relay
09.04.2014 17:10:00 The management of OJSC "Evraziyskiy " inspects water and sanitation facilities in Sochi
09.04.2014 17:10:00 Rostov Vodokanal helps in disaster relief
09.04.2014 17:09:00 Rostov Vodokanal takes measures to restore effective work under the conditions of abundant snowmelt in the city.
09.04.2014 17:07:00 Mayor of Rostov- on-Don Rostov Mikhail Chernyshev awardes Vodokanal with the prize of best enterprise in housing and communal service sector.
09.04.2014 17:07:00 Rostov Vodokanal: almost 40,000 subscribers resolve their issues at “single window” service.
09.04.2014 17:06:00 OJSC "Evraziyskiy organizes a trip to the Paralympics for disabled staff of Vodokanal.
09.04.2014 17:04:00 Rostov Vodokanal: Investment project "Clean Don " is recognized the best project in Russia within water supply and sanitation in the housing sector.
09.04.2014 17:00:00 Rostov Vodokanal gives Bataysk a helping hand in coping with floods
20.01.2014 19:00:00 Rostov Vodokanal: Achievements in water supply and sanitation improve environmental performance rating of the Rostov region
15.01.2014 18:56:00 Rostov Vodokanal: now recognized as the best city in the housing sector community
14.01.2014 18:52:00 Rostov Vodokanal: New Year and Christmas holidays provided with a stable water supply
13.01.2014 18:50:00 Specialists of Sochivodokanal provided capital Olympics failsafe New Year holidays
10.01.2014 18:45:00 Yugvodokanal: a sort of a Christmastime tale for the children of employees
25.12.2013 18:40:00 Rostov Vodokanal: Residents thank the enterprise for fast and high-quality work in 2013
23.12.2013 18:18:00 JSC Evraziyskiy issues a corporate calendar with the best pictures of the all-Russian contest «Artists of Russia vote for clean water»
23.12.2013 17:45:00 79th anniversary at Sochi Vodokanal

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