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01.10.2013 20:07:00 General Director of JSC "Evraziyskiy" Stanislav Svetlitskiy visited the facilities of "Sochivodokanal" as a participant of the investment forum "Sochi-2013"
27.09.2013 21:26:00 The results of the five-year activity of JSC "Evraziyskiy" in Krasnodar region
18.09.2013 20:51:00 Presidential Decree awards the staff of "Yugvodokanal" with "For the salvation of dying" medals
17.09.2013 20:43:00 Rostov Vodokanal checks the subscribers without water meters
13.09.2013 13:25:00 The winners of the contest “Artists of Russia vote for pure water” organized by OJSC “Evraziyskiy” will be announced within the cultural programme of the XII International Investment Forum “Sochi 2013”.
11.09.2013 13:15:00 The Mayor of Rostov- on-Don Mikhail Chernyshev made a special mention of a turner professional skills who works for Rostov Vodokanal.
10.09.2013 13:24:00 Rostov Vodokanal celebrates the 148 th anniversary of the enterprise foundation.
03.09.2013 13:23:00 Rostov Vodokanal: wide environmental clean helps to get rid of debris more than 4 million square meters of land
28.08.2013 13:22:00 Path solutions vital to the region's ecology problems of unauthorized discharges discussed at the round table in the Rostov Vodokanal
26.08.2013 13:21:00 The Minister of Regional Development of the Russian Federation Igor Slyunyaev : " Good experience in modernization project , which is implemented in Rostov, is applicable to the major cities of Russia"
08.08.2013 13:20:00 OJSC " Evraziyskiy ": a year later provides assistance to flood victims employees of "Yugvodokanal"
08.08.2013 13:19:00 Rostov drinking water is safe
31.07.2013 13:18:00 Rostov Vodokanal: The majority of accidents at Rostov networks are removed without turning off the water supply system
30.07.2013 13:16:00 Rostov Vodokanal heightens the reliability of water supply at the borough Aleksandrovka and the town of Aksai.
24.07.2013 18:32:00 Participation of all water utilities within Rostov region in the "Best Worker" contest of "Evraziyskiy" will increase the professional level of personnel Don WSS
15.07.2013 18:28:00 Rostov Vodokanal: cooperational environmental raid with volunteers finds the offending customers
03.07.2013 18:27:00 Routine repairs on the central treatment plant in Rostov Vodokanal are to increase the reliability of water supply
24.06.2013 The Show competition "Artists of Russia vote for clean water", organized by "Evraziyskiy", is included in the program of the Year of Museums within Cultural Olympiad "Sochi - 2014"
24.06.2013 JSC "Evraziyskiy": pros and cons of clear defined rules of public services and the advantages for the supplier and the consumer
30.05.2013 Management companies in Rostov-on-Don have accumulated large debts to OJSC "PO Vodokanal"

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