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Sochi school children attended a guided tour on the main water intake in LLC "Sochivodokanal"

Where does the clean water come from? Why do you love your job? Why is it so clean and beautiful at the company`s site?

— These and many other questionsto be explored by students of 9B form, coming from school №13 (Sochi) were asked during a tour around the main water intake, LLC "Sochivodokanal".

— We are introducing the children to the industrial areas and enterprises of Sochi as we want them to know more about the different organizations in the city — said Svetlana Gagina, curator for career-oriented work of the school № 13. — It can help them to choose a future profession.

Pupils observed the way people work at several pumping stations. Mechanical engineer Ivan Yershov explained the vias water flows into the network, which runs the cleaning steps. Guys were surprised that the water intake area is very similar to the well-kept park.

— According to the technology pumps should be located at a certain distance from each other; the whole area of the water intake is quite extensive, — said the head of the water intake Roman Samsonov.

— We are trying to keep it in order to comply with all environmental standards for our employees to create the most comfortable conditions.

With the permission of the hosts the kids gathered ripe persimmon fruit growing on the central avenue of the water intake. As it turned out, one of the ninth-graders, Nikita Fazov, had a grandfather who had been working for Sochi water utilities a great deal of time and Nikita himself does not exclude that he might connect his life with this venture.

— This tour has been organized in conjunction with the Center for Employment of Sochi — explained Vladimir Merkulov, Head of HR, LLC "Sochivodokanal". — We are ready to continue working with young people. Our company is one of the oldest in the city, where there are some labor dynasties. There is also a need for new, well— trained staff.

In some divisions of the enterprise the students of Sochi Professional Lyceum № 19 as well as students of technical universities from Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Novocherkassk, and Moscow are having practical session. Some of them on receiving their diplomas, come to work for the company becoming the unit of a large production team at LLC "Sochivodokanal".