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General Director of OJSC "Evraziyskiy" Mr.Svetlitskiy visits Bzuginskie new wastewater treatment plants

General Director of JSC "Evraziyskiy" Mr.Svetlitskiy and Chief Engineer of "Sochivodokanal" Mr. Chernyaev visited Bzuginskie new wastewater treatment plants. In the course of inspection at the construction site the board noted the high level of technology readiness and equipment that meets all modern requirements. The same increased demand will be presented to the staff and treatment facilities.


It is planned that in November Bzuginskie treatment plants will shift functioning at first-phased wastewater treatment at the capacity of 70 m3/day. At the same time specialists of "Sochivodokanal" start commissioning work at the facility.


Mr. Svetlitskiy noted: "Launching these structures is very important for the city because it will free up much-needed space to ride parking construction and raise wastewater treatment to a qualitatively new level that will favorably affect the environmental situation in Sochi".


All major purification steps are performed in a closed design. The high degree of automation of technological processes will allow to operate the plant in the most energy-saving mode. Some modern samples of imported top manufacturers producing equipment for wastewater treatment plants were used during the construction.


Unit is equipped with a newly built complex nutrient removal, tertiary treatment system and ultraviolet disinfection unit as this will increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment and more than 3-fold lower concentration of pollutants, waste water after treatment will meet all modern requirements in the field of environmental protection.