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Rostov Vodokanal gets ready to work in winter conditions

Preparing the network to function in the upcoming winter, JSC "Vodokanal" of Rostov-on -Don in the current year has replaced 6.3 thousand meters of water lines and about 4 thousand meters of sewer lines.

The works on shifting land culverts of large diameters have been completed: 500 mm at st. Kyrgyzskaya from lane. Belomorskaya to lane. Igarskiy; 700 mm at 40 –let Pobedy, 65 /13; 600 mm at st. Sverdlovskaya, 79, str. Sverdlovskaya, 83, 500 mm at the following addresses : pl. Strany Sovetov, 50 let RSM ; str. Orskaya street corner. Trolleybusnaya, 630 mm at Nagibina Av. 7, 1000 mm at st. Armenian, 2, 400 mm at st. Veresaeva, 109, etc. 40 –let Pobedy, 13/5, 400 mm at from the street. Petrovskaya up to Universitetskiy 35, 600 mm at the address. Madoyana, 700 mm length of 120 meters at 40-let Pobedy, 101-95/6.

Much work in preparation for the winter season was held at water pumping stations (WPS). The valves of 50 mm diameter and 100 mm in the WPS "Portovaya" and a diameter of 500 mm at ANS "South"; replaced pipe diameter of 600 mm at WPS "Octyabrskaya", replaced the emergency section of the pipeline with a diameter of 600 mm at WPS "TSH -124", set on a plot of plunger water line with 500 mm diameter of on the territory of WPS "Vostochnaya"; replaced shutter 800 mm in diameter on the water pumping station "Severnye rezervyary".

Furthermore 411 units valves, fire hydrants, 272, 246 crosses, and tees, 3315 meters of water inputs were replaced and repaired.

Systematic elimination of weak links — worn, emergency parts of water network overhaul pressure regulating equipment, equipment repair pumping stations and other activities carried out in preparation for the winter allow the Rostov Vodokanal ensure sustainable water supply in the difficult period of low temperatures and weather storm.

To remove ice dams from the roadway and sidewalks in emergency response, transport and disposal of land improvement from November 1st shifts to clock mode. Links to eliminate icing equipped dump trucks (6 pcs.), graders (2 pcs.), hydraulic hammers, KDM, a tractor with sand-throwing and ice-eliminating installation. There were made agreements with specialized companies to provide additional equipment if necessary. Also the necessary amount of sandpaste was procured. There has been acquired a steam plant for warming the frozen water lines and inlets as well as icy structures.

Press-service of OJSC "Vodokanal" of the city of the Rostov-on –Don.