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The police seek perpetrators guilty in culvert on Gorky Street in Sochi

OJSC "Sochivodokanal" applied to the police department at Central District of Sochi with a statement in to find the culprits who damaged culvert at Gorky Street on November 12th. The accident was caused by the builders conducting some drillings without any coordination with "Sochivodokanal". As a result of unauthorized acts some fundamental infrastructural sites remained without water supply almost for a whole day and among them there were important social facilities, railway station, Central Department, the police, a bus station, the military commissariat, City Administration, University of Sochi, a shopping mall as well as a number of houses in a great deal of streets — Gorky St., Voykova St., Vorovskogo St., Nevskaya St., Parallelnaya St., Navaginskaya St., and Titova St.


— At 8.30 a.m November 12th a repair crew on duty and a clerk of the Department of Economic Security of LLC "Sochivodokanal" arrived at the site of the incident where they found out that drilling operations at the intersection of Roz St. and Gorky St damaged conduit of 300 mm diameter. A building company representative who was present at the scene confirmed neither the fact nor the cause of the accident and, therefore, it was decided to go to the police with a statement on searching the culprits — commented General Director of "Sochivodokanal" Sergey Entin.

Repair works were to be carried out under very difficult circumstances as the incident happened at the busiest part of the city, on the side of the road leading to the bus station, in the area of ​​dense housing and permanent congestion.


— Fix crash was not easy to eliminate because of the obstacles located in the immediate vicinity. They were a traffic light and a growing cypress in a meter away from it, and it was almost impossible to use an excavator digging a hole, — said Eugene Sotnik, the Chief of water supply network of the Central district. — Emergency crews had to make digs out manually. They dug step by step between a great deal of cables, poles, tree roots, soil dragged buckets. Because of the difficult conditions of repairs it had become possible to recover water supply in the city center only by 4 a.m.