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"Sochivodokanal" attracts private investors to upgrade water supply and sewerage

40 million rubles is the total cost of laying water main of 600 mm diameter and a drainage network at the Pasechnaya Street. Here built residential complex on 304 apartments. Launch of the new water will not only provide water to the new building will solve the problem of water supply all densely populated neighborhood. Works are about to be completed, and the additional advantage is the fact that high-strength steel tubes with an inner polymer coating, produced according to European quality standards are used for gaskets.

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— Sluice at Pasechnaya St is the best example of an investment project functioning when the guidelines of investors and developers coincide with the interests of the inhabitants of Sochi, — says Denis Kotikov, Deputy General Director of "Sochivodokanal". — Federal legislation in the housing sector obliges us to attract investors who come, build new facilities and must connect them to the system of water supply and sanitation, to conclude with the Sochi agreements on Vodokanal systems for municipal infrastructure development.

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This approach allowed us to attract multimillion-dollar private investors, which for recent years has been contributed for carrying out construction of new culverts at Landishevaya St. of 600 mm diameter, built sewers at the streets of Ordzhonikidze and Gorky. In recent years water mains at Konstitutsii St. as well as Vorovskogo St. have been constructed. Modular pumping stations have been installed on species, which allowed to normalize water supply throughout the entire region. It is noteworthy: these projects are implemented in the most proper form for consumers so that means without raising tariffs.

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— In total, for the period from 2008 to 2013 the management of JSC "Evraziyskiy" and JSC "Sochivodokanal" attracted the sum over 6.8 billion rubles on the development of water and sanitation Sochi from various sources, — noted Sergey Entin, Director General of "Sochivodokanal". – Funds from private investors in the best interest of the city, and it’s highly important to mention that while doing the reconstruction and construction of networks the latest materials and technologies are being used.

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Sochi is an attractive platform for Russian and foreign investors. And when properly sequenced it allows professionals of Sochivodokanal to solve numerous problems within communal sphere in summer period successfully.