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"Yugvodokanal" continues to work on the installation of local warning systems at the facilities of the enterprise

In late November the branch "Troitskiy group plumbing" of "Yugvodokanal" completed installating work on the installation of warning systems in stock chlorine number 2 (pumping station 2nd lift, village Troitskoe) and chlorine stock number 1 (pumping station 4th ascent, "Neberdzhaevskoe forest").

Earlier in the summer, similar equipment has been installed in the branch "Yeisky group plumbing" – it was a stock chlorine number 4 (the settlement of October ), and in November — December this year, work began on the installation of warning in branch "Taman group plumbing" LLC "Yugvodokanal".

There was a set of technical tools designed to alert solving notification and informing the population living in the area of ​​protective measures. The complex was developed at the basis of modern information technology. To provide power to equipment uninterruptible power supply is being used.

Local Alert System is equipped with a multi-level governance model, which is implemented by transmitting commands from the center of the city of Krasnodar EDDS to run local warning system that allows people to notify in the automatic mode provides high efficiency in work and the ability to alert a cellular system.