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"Sochivodokanal" and Volunteer Center "Silver Age" organize another raid to control wastewater discharged into municipal sewers by subscribers

The list of the objects to be raid consisted of three companies engaged in economic activity in the Central District of Sochi. The idea was not only to check availability of local treatment facilities at these sites, but also to assess the quality of their work.

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— The message of raids is to educate people with responsibility. So that they understand they will be fully responsible — says Tatiana Drozdova, one of the volunteers.

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— I participate in raids, because I'm interested in the life of the city. I'd like it to be clean, especially now, when Sochi goes to the international level, — shares her opinion another volunteer Galina Polukhina. – By taking part in such actions, we help solving urban problems. There are both bad and good results. It is so precious to see that there are people who think not only about their own welfare, but also about the cleanliness of the city.

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Specialists of Sochivodokanal and volunteers started with "SI (self-employed individual) Stetsko IM" (hotel "Riviera"), located near the beach "Riversky". NGO representatives were amazed when learning that the companies located in close proximity to the sea do not drain into the Black Sea which goes contrary to popular belief. Like many other places, "SI Stetsko IM" connected to the municipal sewer system, but refuses to set filters for wastewater treatment, thereby violating the rules discharges. The inspection confirmed the absence of treatment facilities, and the taken water samples were sent to the laboratory at once.

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Lack of treatment facilities in individual enterprises of Sochi may cause further economic damage of urban drainage system. Exceeding the maximum allowable emissions leads to the destruction of microorganisms on urban wastewater treatment plants, degrades the quality of water treatment leads to equipment failure. For small businesses (as cafes, restaurants) it is enough to establish the foamcleaners and greasecleaners, and purify them regularly.

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An important step in reducing the level of emissions is to use the recommended detergent whose content of surfactants is relatively small. The main issue for us is to encourage everybody to find an appropriate solution of these problems, especially under the circumstances when a lot of Sochi businessmen prefer to pay fines rather than installing treatment plants. That's we call the concern for the environment!