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Youth Environmental Center of PO "Vodokanal" now teaches preschoolers to respect nature

Youth Environmental Center of PO "Vodokanal" has completed a series of retreat lessons in kindergartens at Proletarskiy district of Rostov-on-Don. These lessons got a high appraisals of teachers at kindergartens and caused a lot of interest for the kids. This year the Youth Center staff held classes at five kindergartens of the city for the first time (among them there were kindergartens № 99, № 102, № 291, № 268, № 295) and groups of three kindergartens (№ 24, № 115, № 126) came to Youth Environmental center themselves. More than 300 children attended these lessons in total.

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Dealing with children from senior kindergarten preparatory groups is a new practice for the center. The first lesson of that kind was held in May within single lesson devoted to water as a substance that Rostov Vodokanal held in all schools, gymnasiums and lyceums of Proletarskiy district. Besides, that very day the senior group of children from kindergarten № 24 visited Youth Environmental Center of Vodokanal. The event was timed to coincide with International Children's Day. It turned out that the kids are not less interested in the environment than students are, and can answer many questions concerning careful attitude towards water. Experience of the environmental lesson for preschoolers was successful as all the kids were very interested in everything that touches the water, so it was decided to carry out such studies in other kindergartens.


The basis of the program is the lecture "The Journey of the water droplets in the Don" cartoon "Adventure droplets", which explains how water is cleaned and Don comes into our taps and that the need to protect and conserve water.


Children absorb new information with a great deal of interest, participate in experiments with water and ask questions. The teachers and tutors of the kindergartens are gladly present at the environmental lessons together with the children. "The program for a Lesson of water is very informative. Even adults are interested to know things mentioned at the lesson: where does the water come from and how it is cleaned. Many thanks to Vodokanal, and we wish you to come again!"— shared his impressions a senior educator at preparatory group "Lyuboznayki" from the kindergarten № 99 Irina Ghavalyan.