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Sochi Vodokanal takes care of people with disabilities

Indifferent attitude and active participation of boarding staff of Sochi Vodokanal in the issue of the employment and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities were marked by the Head of Administration of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov in a letter of thanks to the General Director of LLC "Sochivodokanal" Sergey Entin in coming International Day of Disabled Persons.

"City Administration of Sochi is extremely grateful to you and your professional staff, giving our appreciation and gratitude for the constant care and great personal contribution to the rehabilitation of people with special needs., it is very important for such people to be able to start or continue their career, to be in demand in the labor market", — stated the letter.

In accordance with the Russian Federation law "On Social Protection of Disabled Persons in the Russian Federation" and other legislative acts, Sochi Vodokanal shall allocate 31 workplaces for disabled people. However, currently in different departments of the company 42 people with disabilities are working and are being appreciated.

Employees with the defeat hearing and other diseases relevant to the third disability group, are working in the landscaping businesses shops, repairing shops and other units. All of them are considered to be full members of personnel, moreover, many of them are an example of professionalism and integrity.