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The 95 anniversary of the veteran of Sochi Vodokanal Nicholay Kozyrenkov

Nikolay Petrovich Kozyrenkov is a veteran of Great Patriotic War who used to fight near Leningrad, participated in the storming of Koenigsberg and liberated Poland. And then more than 30 years he had been working for Sochi Vodokanal. He started his way as a mechanic, then it was promoted to the Chief of the subscriber.


A company of many co-workers came to congratulate the veteran: his fellow veterans and representatives of the current generation of workers of LLC "Sochivodokanal". Flowers, gifts, kind words were everywhere. Also there was a warm welcoming letter from the company's management. Nikolay Petrovich was happy as the sort of attention he got from the organization to which he devoted all his life was so important and pleasant for him.


— We care about employees of Sochi Vodokanal who are already retired, — said Alexander Dyundik, chairman of the trade union organization. – We make a small increase in their pension for some holidays, also try giving away gifts. We do help if there are any problems. Thus the veteran got new windows installed in his apartment for his coming anniversary.


Nicholay Kozyrenkov and his generation is a truly shining example for the youngsters. Their life was not easy, it was full of challenges and hardships but they did not break, and tempered. They know the value of life and its simple pleasures.