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79th anniversary at Sochi Vodokanal

Sochivodokanal working team celebrated 79th birthday of their enterprise. The staff at one of the oldest enterprises of the city resort has a lot to be proud of.

— There are some changings for the better in different areas, including client-oriented area — said Dmitry Cherniayev, the Chief engineer. — 24H call center started as it is very important to know and understand the reaction of our customers and co-residents. Production figures have stabilized, the growth at electricity consumption and supplying water has stopped; it`s essential factor as both processes have become stable for recent years.

In 2013 OJSC Sochivodokanal takes into operation the facilities being constructed in coming Olympics. The most important of them is the new sewage treatment plant on the river Bzugu and a new system of sewers deep bedding. The reconstruction of pumping stations «Don», «Loo» as well as the sewage pumping station «Kudepsta».

— The more complex infrastructure of the resort is, the wider and more extensive network of water supply and sanitation we do, and the harder it is to serve this system,as well as the higher the qualification of personnel we need, — says Sergey Entin, General Director of Sochivodokanal. — More than 1,700 people are engaged in the various departments of the enterprise. Together we are doing our best for the city residents to avoid even the least possible inconvenience at the period of large-scale communal transformations that have been taking place in Sochi for the recent years.

In coming 79th anniversary in honour of enterprise foundation and for the high production figures made by all the 60 employees at Sochivodokanal the diplomas signed by Mayor of Sochi, Sochi City Council, owner of Evraziyskiy and OJSC Sochivodokanal were announced.