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Rostov Vodokanal: Residents thank the enterprise for fast and high-quality work in 2013

Almost 90 e-mails and textings with thankful words has got Rostov Vodokanal since the beginning of 2013. This number is three dozens as much as it was last year. Customers expressed their gratefulness to the company's employees for the fast and high-quality support in addressing water and sanitation, well organized work with subscribers, responsiveness, ability to act, and the services for providing detailed background information.

All the letters of thanks were delivered either in writing or by e-mail at the website belonged to Rostov Vodokanal — www.vodokanal.rnd.ru.

Herewith is an excerpt of some of the textings:

«Thank you for prompt resolution of issues. The very next day after our appeal by e-mail to your emergency service the maintenance team completed all the works on cleaning wells. Thank you a lot!» (Mrs Fisanova I., October, 16th).

«I express my gratitude to JSC PO Rostov Vodokanal , whose staff proved to provide of a high level of service and helped me in a difficult situation with charging and receiving payments for water and wastewater of cold water... We managed to cope with the situation thanks to the staff working without waste of time (I did not have to be off from the office and come with all the receipts for three years on reconciliation)...» (Mr Dubinin, 9, Tarnowskogo — Terletskogo St.,December,13th).

«I want to thank the maintenance team that worked at our house today on the behalf of the neighborhood and myself for sure. Thanks for a good and professional job» (Alexander Litvinenko, 16, Baumana St., November 28th).

«Residents of the house located at 104 29-ya linia st. are especially grateful to have the water intake replaced. All the works were done quickly, efficiently and accurately» (Mrs.Ksenofontova N., July 17th).

«We are eager to say our million thanks to General Director of PO Rostov Vodokanal Mr. Scryabin as well as the brigade SOU (water utility service operational management) and the specialists Bordoviy A.A, Malkov P.V, Lugovoi I.A They solved the problem of ours carefully and sensitively and eliminated the accident. It`s especially essential to underline the professionalism demonstrated the employees of Rostov Vodokanal. Sincerely, the tenants of the block of apartments at 32, Ivanovskogo St...» (July 15th).

All the messages and letters sent by the customers to Rostov Vodokanal in any forms (written, e-mail or by phone calls at our hotline 283-17-17 as well as by applying for one-contact window service are always reviewed so that to be able to make some operational solutions, the problems of the customers to be eliminated, to get the detailed explanations for all the inquiries. Such kind of the transparent working methods and customer-oriented way to deal with customers are long-stay guidelines of the work of Rostov Vodokanal ad it`s highly efficient as evidenced by the growing number of votes to the enterprise.

Press-service of OJSC PO Rostov Vodokanal of the city of Rostov-on-Don.