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Rostov Vodokanal: New Year and Christmas holidays provided with a stable water supply

OJSC PO Rostov Vodokanal has provided a reliable and sustainable water supply at the New Year and Christmas holidays. This was contributed by the highly professional organization of labor repair units, effective work embedded in Vodokanal automated remote monitoring and process control system (APCS), previously established reserves of repair materials and kits.

Due to constant adjustment at hydraulic modes of pipelines and pumping stations, carried out from a central dispatching service of the water utility that uses highly technologic APCS in pipe networks optimal pressure was maintained, thus avoiding emergencies that could affect the quality of water supplied to the city. 15 teams with the equipment necessary to eliminate the problem and up to 70 units of motor transport vehicles and special equipment worked on the line in order to do maintenances and repair every day within these holidays.

The brigade of service operational management worked all day and night in 24h thus fulfilling their duty according to the schedule of the winter time the staff to take emergency measures on the requests of the customers through the hotline. Once again the winter callboard and scheduling for technical workers proved its effectiveness due to the staff manages to solve on any emergency production and repairs promptly and timely. Leaks and ruptures at networks were basically liquidated ahead of regulatory deadlines, in most cases without disconnecting consumers from water supplying. Improvement works were always followed once the repair works were carried out. Water supply to boiler stations was not ever compromised.

Every day some additional teams worked at the sewer networks thus allowing the urban sewer system cope with the increasing load during the holidays in a full mode. Good organization of the production process allowed Vodokanal to solve all the obstacles on the uninterrupted water supply during the holidays and favorable weather conditions.

Highly professional work Rostov Vodokanal allowed consumers of enterprise spend Christmas and New Year holidays in comfort and coziness.

Press-service of OJS PO Rostov Vodokanal of the city of Rostov-on-Don.