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Rostov Vodokanal: Achievements in water supply and sanitation improve environmental performance rating of the Rostov region

By the end of 2013 Rostov region ranked the 13th position in the environmental rating list all over the Russian Federation. In comparison with the previous rating Don region levelled up four positions.

Final Rating for 2013 — that titled the Year of Environmental Protection in Russia — was published by Russian public organization «Zeleniy Patrul», which continuously monitors developments in the field of ecology. According to «Zeleniy Patrul» Rostov region showes a steady positive trend throughout the year. A distinctive feature of the region began to progress in water and sanitation services. «Up-to-date a lot of water mains, running complex water treatment facilities with ultraviolet light have been reconstructed or built. As a result, major «pain points» of infrastructure were eliminated thus resulting in great enhance of the reliability of the water supply and its quality in the city...» — comments the brief review of environmental events of the Russian Federation.

Significant contribution to the development of water supply and sanitation, environmental protection and as a consequence as well as the increase of the environmental rating Rostov region made was done due to PO Vodokanal Rostov-on-Don, belonged to the group of companies JSC Evraziyskiy. The most outstanding achievements of the year were related to environmental businesses concerning nature conservation of water resources.

All these facilities are built in the ongoing based JSC PO Rostov Vodokanal on the principles of public-private partnership of major investment projects — «Water of Rostov» («Integrated program for the construction and reconstruction of water supply and sanitation in Rostov-on-Don and the south-west Rostov region») and «Clean Don». These projects are important to address a number of strategic issues, including for mass housing, environmental issues in the region. During the implementation of projects already built more than 40 miles of water mains, reconstructed major water pumping stations, thus achieved a stable water supply.

In 2013 Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation where the company get a profound support within the implementation of investment projects carried out at the Rostov Vodokanal allocated more than 17 million rubles in subsidies for reimbursement of the cost of interest on loans obtained for the implementation of investment projects on construction, reconstruction and modernization of recycling and re -serial supply and of sewage disposal facilities under the federal target program «Development of water sector of the Russian Federation in 2012-2020». Providing subsidies the Ministry emphasizes the important role of Rostov projects in protecting water sources from pollution, environmental rehabilitation of water bodies. Projects contribute to achieving the targets of the federal target program, in particular, reduce the proportion of contaminated wastewater in the total discharge to surface water bodies of wastewater to be treated.

The past year has made ​​obvious the important environmental role that Rostov Vodokanal fulfills, which was also reflected in the assessment of the «Zeleniy Patrul» and thus this fact improved the environmental rating of the Don region.