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Rostov Vodokanal gives Bataysk a helping hand in coping with floods

Thank you letter from Bataysk City Administration, signed by Mayor Putilin was handed to the General Director of "PO Vodokanal" of Rostov-on-Don Alexander Scryabin. The letter expresses gratitude for the professionalism and great personal contribution to the elimination of spring floods in 2014.

Abundant snowmelt happened in Don region last winter gave Bataysk a threat of flooding as well as the rise of groundwater. Rostov Vodokanal staff together with employees of Bataysk unit of the enterprise were quick in their response to the request of the city and took an active part in the work to prevent flooding.

"Vodokanal staff washed out drainage pipes under highways of the city from polluted wastes, which prevented melted and ground water descent. These measures could prevent washing out of the roads and traffic violation in them. 25 drainage pipes with a total length of more than 250 meters were washed then. Besides the machinery owned by Vodokanal helped to pump water from households at the request of residents. Rescue and recovery operation brigade, equipped with special technical vehicles, participated in antiflood exercises at Bataysk whose purpose was to prevent the development of the flood situation on the adverse scenario "- said the director of the Bataysk division of  OJSC "PO Vodokanal" Victor Kostenko.

A wide range of special tools and equipment owned by Rostov PO Vodokanal was used in these eliminating and preventing measures in the city and among the tools there were channels machine and a tank for pumping water from monoblock pump.

It is important to note that even in the late January and early February Rostov PO Vodokanal helped the town of Bataysk in the aftermath of abnormal snowfalls with freeing of snow captivity the local area of the hospital and Rabochaya St .