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Rostov Vodokanal: almost 40,000 subscribers resolve their issues at “single window” service.

In 2013 the specialists of "single window" service of "PO Vodokanal " in Rostov-on -Don took 38,384 subscriber applications on various issues.

"8542 water meters in the private sector and 9563 water meters in a tenement housing were registered according to the appeals of subscribers. Almost 4.3 thousand requests for technical specifications and applications for contracts for connection to networks of water supply and sanitation were gathered; more than 2.4 thousand contracts on water tempering and wastewater reception with the new owner were renegotiated ", - said the Head of "single window" service of Rostov Vodokanal Elena Kulishova .

Last year the experts "one window" service also received more than 1.7 thousand people for the conclusion and renewal of contracts for water tempering and wastewater reception at residential facilities as well as they counseled more than 2.7 thousand people on the conclusion of agreements on holiday water and wastewater reception with entities, housing cooperative and management companies.

The service of "single window" service concentrates on a large number of services for businesses and individuals. This is done for the convenience of Rostov population as well as operational and quality consumer services of the company. On the application of a client with a variety of issues, all the necessary advice and assistance is provided at the same place. Besides there are offices and service charge offices on individuals in Rostov- on-Don.