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Rostov Vodokanal takes measures to restore effective work under the conditions of abundant snowmelt in the city.

The unexpected abundant snowfall that hit the Rostov region in late January creates the possibility of warming copious flood. In this regard OJSC "PO Vodokanal" is preparing to work in a regime of high water pollution. Scheduled events are being held at facilities and the supply of essential reagents has been got.

Snowmelt usually leads to the large numbers of contaminated melting water in the Don River which is the source of water for the whole city of Rostov-on -Don, Bataysk and Aksai. During this period the turbidity of the water source changes repeatedly even during the day, deteriorating quality of the original river water intakes in places. This creates an increased load on the wastewater treatment plant. The task set before Rostov Vodokanal while struggling with flood is effective cleaning and disinfection to prevent the decline in the quality of drinking water supplied to the distribution network.

In this regard in anticipation of flood water treatment facilities of Rostov Vodokanal are ready for efficient operation at high turbidity and increased microbiological contamination of the Don. Scheduled events are held at the facilities of the enterprise: washing clarifiers and rapid filters,  sufficient quantities of necessary reagents for water purification and reagents for the determination of water quality have been purchased. To improve the efficiency of water treatment filter media is being replaced for fast filters.