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Rostov Vodokanal helps in disaster relief

In severe weather conditions "PO Vodokanal" of Rostov-on -Don provides a stable water supply, and also helps to eliminate the effects of the elements in the winter.

The staff and facilities of Rostov Vodokanal have made ​​a significant contribution to clearing snow from driveways and urban areas of socially significant objects. In particular, Vodokanal freed from snow captivity the school № 11, a boarding school № 28, has produced works on clearing the tramways and tram depot site in the Proletarskiy District. Vodokanal staff forces cleared the entrances to the training center "Avtograd", some areas at Vsesoyuznaya St. In the district of Rostov aeration station in the Lugovaya St. water utility machinery helped to pull out heavy vehicles of the snow drifts.

Rostov Vodokanal cleans not only Rostov but also assists Bataysk. In this satellite town Vodokanal has cleared a lot of snow out of the city hospital territory as well as in Rabochaya St .

A wide range of vehicles participated within the works on clearing snow and among them there were a grader, excavators, loaders, dump trucks belonged to "LOT" LLC which is motor company at Rostov Vodokanal.


Construction equipment of the contracting business of Rostov Vodokanal is OJSC  “Rostovenergospetsremont” has cleared the snow at Peskova Av., some sections at the Stachki Av. Malinovskogo St  in the Sovietskiy district of Rostov -on-Don . Mechanized groups of excavators and KAMAZ have carried out the set of works on the clearing and removing snow from the streets at Bolshaya Sadovaya Street and Teatralniy Avenue as well as at Zheleznodorozhniy District of the city.


Rostov Vodokanal will assist the city to the complete elimination of consequences of this natural disaster.