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Sochi water utility employees actively participated in the Olympic torch relay

Thousands of residents as well as many guests of the city and colorful gaggles of volunteers  and the rest of the city have been welcoming for the third day running the Olympic Torch Relay route which passes through all areas of the capital of the Winter Games. The staff of “Sochi Vodokanal” all together people at Lazarevskoe as well as in the city center and Adler participated in this final chord of the Olympic race.

- For residents of Sochi Olympics began six and a half years ago, when it was decided to hold it in our city. - says Roman Samsonov, the Head of Sochi Vodokanal. - All these years we`ve been living and working under the conditions of preparation for this grand event. And now, when all the thing are done, all built and the city is literally transformed , we are rejoicing not only the Olympic torch relay, but everything that 's finished in time, and our ability to do so much !

The staff of "Sochi Vodokanal" which belongs to the group of companies OJSC "Evraziyskiy", was involved in the real transformation of  Sochi as the Olympic capital. The construction of new water lines, re-pumping stations, modernization of the enterprise were done within the rest vast range of the measures and tremendous works under the construction Olympic programme.

- Over the five years preceding the Olympic Games the management of "Evraziyskiy" and " Sochi Vodokanal" funded about seven billion rubles for the development of water and sewer system in Sochi. - said Stanislav Svetlitsky, General Director of "Evraziyskiy ". - It is no way exaggeration to say that we have made a very significant contribution to the preparation of Sochi to this grand sporting event.

The company staff took part in the Olympic torch relay team not only as spectators. Dmitry Kolonenko, the Head of water and sanitation utilities of Lazarevsky district, stood on the largest Ferris wheel in Russia in Lazarevskoe of 80 meters high above sea level with a burning torch in his hand.