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The 20th anniversary of «Evraziyskiy» in Rostov-on-Don with linden alley planted

Ceremonial planting of 20 lime trees alley in the park took place at the park named after Frunze in Rostov-on-Don on April 28th. The event was attended by the heads of Rostov region and the city of Rostov-on-Don, the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region and was devoted to the 20th anniversary of OJSC «Evraziyskiy» founding and the 10-year period of the company activity in Rostov region.

The great contribution of «Evraziyskiy» as a group of companies which Rostov Vodokanal belongs to, binds significant achievements in modernizing the water sector on a public-private partnership.

The Vice-Governor of the Rostov Region Sergey Gorban congratulated the company on the Day.

«The contribution by «Evraziyskiy» in region development is clear to be seen on the implementation of such powerful, unique projects as «Rostov Water» and «Clean Don». The time when the water was run into the city by schedule is history and this is the result of work done.

Introduction of advanced technologies in water supply and sanitation, water disinfection by ultraviolet sodium hypochlorite are also milestones due to the cooperation with «Evraziyskiy» activities in a public-private partnership for the benefit of Rostov, comfort and well-being of residents. «Evraziyskiy» proved that it had been established to work the long haul, and we realize it is a good example for others», — said the Vice-Governor in his welcoming remarks.

«The Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region pays constant attention to the modernization of water supply and sanitation. MPs regularly visit Rostov Vodokanal objects. The result of interaction with OJSC «Evraziyskiy» was a series of laws aimed at developing public-private partnerships in the Rostov region. Attracting private and efficient public resources for the development of economic and social development led to significant results and raise living standards», — said Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov Region Sergey Mikhalev.

With its strategic investor JSC «Evraziyskiy» Rostov Vodokanal got up into industry leaders, said General Director of JSC «PO Rostov Vodokanal» Alexander Scriabin: «Trees we disembark today symbolize life, growth, flowering. Ten years ago Vodokanal began living in a new way. Thanks to «Evraziyskiy» PO «Rostov Vodokanal» got a high level of development. The main mission of ours is improving the quality of public services. Alley will grow as well as new developments of «Evraziyskiy».

The ceremony of alley planting by the staff of «Evraziyskiy», «PO Rostov Vodokanal» companies and the guests of the event was a true celebration. The public enjoyed the bright presentations by amateur club of Vodokanal.

The event climaxed with putting a memorial stone. He became another symbol of the day, the symbol of reliability and durability of the «Evraziyskiy» and, which is much, sustainability of its intentions.