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Sochi Vodokanal specialists and volunteers organize an environmental campaign

The scheduled campaign «They contaminate the Black Sea» held by the Centre for Volunteer Development of Sochi and Sochivodokanal revealed the cases of untreated sewage discharge into rivers and streams flowing into the sea.

So the fact it is at the private houses along Plastunskaya St where there are no central sewerage. Stinking drains are currently flowing directly from households into the Sochi river.

«And it`s just happening in the city centre!» – said a volunteer Elena Benz. – Consequently, it is doing harm and damaging not only for the environment, but it ruins the very status of the city resort town.

The problem can be eliminated by connecting the district to the sewerage system, but it is expensive enough. Residents are willing to contribute to financing, however, it is unaffordable to pay the full gasket sanitation and thus people count on the City Administration.

The residents at the block of flats at building 222 at Vinogradnaya St have a similar problem. It need having sanitation pumps to set up the full implementation, but currently they are not able to do it on their own.

The residential complex located nearby Vinogradnaya St next to the gas station there are local treatment facilities. Unfortunately they need much more power to recycle all waste water. The result is all the same and the fetid streams flow down into the ravine and then go directly into the sea.

— The area not have a sewer serviced by Sochi Vodokanal — explains Alex Jurba, inspector at subscriber department Centralniy of Sochivodokanal Ltd. But there is a private sewer line which can be connected to. Representatives of homeowners need negotiating the matter with the owners of the sewer pipe and thus eliminate the current mess.

The situation with uncontrolled discharge of untreated sewage into rivers and the sea in Sochi became particularly acute during the rapid housing construction in recent years. On-site private residential development and gardening companies that have no sewerage network, rose blocks of apartment buildings.

According to Inna Zheleyko, Deputy General Director of «Sochivodokanal «residents of distressed homes from the wastewater should contact the city administration with a proposal to turn their neighborhoods into the city sewer development program. When buying apartments in new citizens contracts for water and sanitation must be requested from the developers, and then it`s recommended to look through the contents of these documents carefully.

Unfortunately, developers cut down on money for building high quality treatment facilities and local water supply network, as a result ecology is polluted, people living here are suffering and the reputation of the city of Sochi is being done a harm.