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Rostov Vodokanal: motor company professional contest announces driver and excavator operator best

Professional contest «Best Worker 2014» among drivers of brigade vehicles and excavators was held at Rostov Vodokanal transport enterprise «LOT» LLC. Drivers of brigade vehicles and motor excavator operators took part in the contest. The kind of competition was held at the enterprise first time. Once the winners announced, they are supposed to participate in the final stage of the competition «Best Worker» among companies belonging to the group of companies JSC «Evraziyskiy», which this year celebrates the 20th anniversary and 10 years of its business activity in the Don region.

Deputy General Director of JSC «Evraziyskiy» Bogdan Svetlitskiy made a welcoming speech for the participants, saying : «Today those people who run the powerful kinds of machines are going to compete. The type of contests where people compete with their professional skills is a long-term tradition by JSC «Evraziyskiy». The main purpose of these competitions is to exchange professional experience. Such competitions are improving the quality of our services to customers».

He wished the participants good luck in all the range of coming competitive tasks.

«Vodokanal provides daily service and operates the network by the range of mechanical transports. Trucking company scope, its technical equipment scale to affairs of Rostov Vodokanal on the way to its development and modernization of water supply. Vodokanal gives significant attention to training and staff development. This is the basis of achievements in the water sector», — said in his welcoming remarks, CEO of JSC»PO Rostov Vodokanal» Alexander Scryabin.

The competition gathered six drivers of brigade vehicles and 4 excavator operators. The screening was strict, as the panel estimated all production figures, the state of technology, participation of the collective in public life. Thus the panel had to choose the best of the best.

The competition began with a theoretical examination for traffic rules. Then everybody did the practical part.

Competitions among excavator operators were interrupted by applause. They ran the machines so skillfully.

«When repairing water utility networks it requires excavating in a very careful way in order not to damage the communication cables. Therefore the accuracy in measuring and coordination of movements are very important in the daily practice of an excavator operator. This was taken into account in the commissioning of competitive tasks», — said General Director of «LOT «LLC Vladimir Bugayan.

He told me that the competitions for drivers of brigade machines reproduce the production process during their working day. Spectators watched the car deftly surfing obstacles, doing S-turns and maneuvering in a narrow «Rostov patio» where all the vehicles are being serviced. Drivers demonstrated ability to provide first aid to a victim of an accident.

When summing up the panel assessed the quality and speed of their assignments. «Best Worker» award for an excavator operator was given to Oleg Dokuchaev, the runner-up was Vyacheslav Mazhejka, the third prize won Alexander Ksenofontov. The award for drivers won Vladimir Rudenko (the winner), the second prize was given to Andrew Wishniewskiy, the third went to Oleg Karavaev. The winners were awarded with diplomas and gift certificates. All participants got the souvenirs. Gennadiy Pastukhov won the audience choice award for his great care and accuracy in task performance. At the end of the competition there was held a concert by the amateur band of Rostov Vodokanal.

The press-service of JSC «PO Rostov Vodokanal» of the city of Rostov-on –Don