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Rostov Vodokanal gets the prize in the First National Award at water sector of the Russian Federation

JSC «Vodokanal» (Rostov-on-Don), belonged to the group of companies JSC «Evraziyskiy», became the first winner of the National Award for the water sector in the Russian Federation in the category «the most liable company in the water sector». The event was taken place in Sochi and held in the framework of the Russian scientific and practical conference «Legal regulation of water relations: relevant matters and challenges».

 The Prize was handed to the director of the Department for Cooperation with state authorities of «Evraziyskiy» Alexey Zarichansky. He thanked for the award, stressing:

«We are grateful for being marked with the first national prize in the field of water sector in this category, since all structures belonging to JSC «Evraziyskiy» and, especially, Rostov Vodokanal for their being extremely liable in business and in their projects. But for them it could be impossible to imagine, — all our activities, including unique investment project «Water of Rostov»,  is primarily social-oriented. We will continue meeting these high standards».

First time in history of the country an enterprise received awards for his significant contribution to the development of the water sector of the country. The award, which is an initiative of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, is designed to consolidate the efforts of the authorities, public organizations, associations, civic institutions, initiative groups, research groups and individuals to improve the status of water bodies and water infrastructure of the Russian Federation, the conservation of water the country's resources for future generations. It aims to identify and promote the state, public and private initiatives and projects aimed at the development of the water sector of the country.

For reference only:

JSC «Vodokanal» is one of the largest utilities in southern Russia. It provides services in the field of water supply, sanitation and wastewater treatment as well as operates more than 2,690 km of water supply networks, more than 1,400 km of sewerage networks, over 200 pumping stations, two treatment facilities with running water diversions nodes, sewage treatment plants (WWTP Rostov). The enterprise provides drinking water to Rostov-on-Don city, Aksay and Bataisk with surrounding settlements with the total population of over 1.2 million people.

JSC «Vodokanal» is a group of companies belonged to JSC «Evraziyskiy», that celebrates this year the 20th anniversary of its founding and the 10-th anniversary on the Don land.

JSC «Vodokanal» is the base in the implementation of a public — private partnership of major investment projects: «Water of Rostov» («Comprehensive program of construction and reconstruction of water supply and sanitation of the city of Rostov-on-Don and the south-west of Rostov region) and «Clean Don». 28 facilities within the phase I of the program «Water of Rostov», assigned to the project investor JSC «Vodokanal» have been successfully completed.

Rostov Vodokanal introduces modern methods of water disinfection using ultraviolet light, sodium hypochlorite. The program «Clean Don» put into operation the block ultraviolet disinfection of wastewater. The activity JSC «Vodokanal» does on modernization of water supply and sanitation has significant environmental benefits.

The press-service of OJSC «Vodokanal» of the city of Rostov-on-Don.