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Rostov Vodokanal blocks the sewage system at an unauthorized apartment building.

JSC «Vodokanal» of Rostov-on-Don blocked the unauthorized release of sewage in urban collector unoccupied apartment building.

The unauthorized is located at the address: Bld 22, Dunayevskiy. The building that is still under construction has been previously disconnected from the water supply for the illegal connection, but at follow-up it was found that this time bypassing the water utility the developer led to the city networks illegal sewer issue.

«This developer designs the construction of individual houses approves building permit with all the city authorities, but in fact the blocks of flats intended for accommodation of two or more families. This house is the fourth in the Zheleznodorozhniy district of the city, built according to the developer, as an individual, none of which has permits for connection to the water supply and sanitation in accordance with the actual appointment», — commented the head of the group to work with subscribers «Zapad» of «Vodokanal» Alexey Brachkov.

Disconnecting was done by the team of production enterprise «Sever» supervised by Alexander Sukhanov. Water utility workers went down into the well and set a special valve at the illegal sewage issue, thereby foreclosing unauthorized access to the city sewer system

Unauthorized connection — is a kind of a serious problem for Rostov. Typically, unauthorized connections occur in the private sector, where it is cheaper just to buy a small plot of land and build a multi-storey building for a would-be possible sale of apartments.

Illegal connections to the water supply and sanitation threaten the comfort and safety of Rostov For unauthorized connections usually do not meet sanitary-epidemiological norms. Illegal connections also lead to a pressure decrease in urban networks, emergency situations and as a result, deterioration of water and sanitation services to bona fide users.

JSC «Vodokanal» urges to have a timely application for the technical conditions for connection, connection agreements, execute in accordance with the requirements of the project design document, enter into contracts for rental of drinking water and wastewater welcome to use the services of water supply and sanitation legally.

The press-service of OJSC «Vodokanal» of the city of Rostov-on-Don.