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Rostov Vodokanal: «Best Worker» promotes professional skill

The contest «Best Worker» is held at JSC «Vodokanal» of Rostov-on-Don. It gave the chance to compete to those who work as locksmiths emergency operators and recovery operators of the water supply and sewerage systems as well as repairer-turners, laboratory chemical analysts and welders.

Director General of JSC «Vodokanal» Alexander Scryabin welcomed the audience before the competition started.

He noted the importance of the competition, which is annually held, for the growth of professional skills of employees, improving the quality of water and sanitation services for consumers.

«Once we know the results of the competition, those who are going to win will take part in the best finals of the contests «Best Worker» of «Evraziyskiy», celebrating this year the 20th anniversary and the 10th anniversary at the Don land. By tradition, the team of water supply and sanitation sector from different cities are going to meet at the site of Rostov Vodokanal», — said Alexander Scryabin.

Contestants competed with enthusiastically and excitedly. The brightest and most spectacular scenes were laid at the competitions between locksmiths at water and sewage systems at the training range, which were being organized under the conditions as close as possible to the real skills demonstrated elimination of emergencies on networks using the latest technologies. Apparently, competitions in the laboratory were less spectacular, but not inferior in strength. Besides, it`s considered unacceptable to make a mistake, because chemical analysis laboratory monitors water quality itself.

The jury of those who are the heads of departments, leading experts, representatives of the trade union of the enterprise strictly evaluated the timing and quality of practical work, theoretical knowledge, compliance with safety requirements.

The «Best Worker» award were given to: emergency response and restoration operations brigade with locksmiths, i.e Klyuchnikov A., Klyuchnikov K., Pleshakov P., emergency response and restoration operations brigade of locksmiths at Bataysk sanitation unit within the M. Zubkov, Filatov Y., Posmashnoy A. as well as an operator of mechanical repair shop at Kulakovskiy I., a turner plumbing Rogozhin P., a chemical analysis technician at laboratory of bacteriological and chemical-process control Kokareva M., a welder of technology district «Center» of production company «Vodoprovod» Germanov V.

The grand awards of the winners, runners-up and third prize holders will be held on June 27.

The press-service of OJSC «Vodokanal» of the city of Rostov-on-Don.