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Rostov Vodokanal disables four apartment buildings with unauthorized connection.

JSC «Vodokanal» of Rostov-on-Don keeps on fighting against unauthorized connection to the city networks, disconnected from the water supply four apartment buildings in Truzhenikov St: № 68, № 68, № 70 and № 70 a.

All these houses are connected with one input plumbing as one individual dwelling. In fact, this is a four-storey cottage with a total of 30 apartments. There are no any permissions for the accession of these objects to the water supply in accordance with the actual appointment.

Turning off illegally attached blocks of apartment was not an easy thing to do. There was an obstacle like a truck with no driver in just at the well carried out the unauthorized acquisition. According to the working team, it did not happen to be there by chance. Being aware of the water utility`s upcoming trip, the owner of the buildings could easily choose the tactic of «defense».


Water company had to resort to the support of the police to solve this issue. Together with the district police officer the truck was moved from the hatch. Water utility workers dismantled unauthorized connection, then controlling valves were sealed.at the site of connection to the water pipe networks in the closed state.


Earlier in 2014 Vodokanal disconnected from water two arbitrarily attached apartment buildings owned by the same developer — under construction flats at Bld 12, Razina St, and Bld 64/2, Kuznechnaya St.

And since the beginning of this year 42 apartment houses taken water supply in an unauthorized way have been disabled.


Rostov Vodokanal identified about 150 apartment buildings illegally connected to the city water supply and sanitation networks. All of them might face off. For building owners and developers, willfully connect to the municipal communications a range of serious penalties are provided in accordance with the law.

Water utility is forced to disconnect arbitrarily connected objects. These connections threaten the comfort and safety of Rostov. An unauthorized connection is usually not performed disinfection and flushing water supply networks of the consumer. Water supplied by such a pipeline may not meet the sanitary — epidemiological norms. Illegal connections also lead to a decrease in pressure in urban networks, necessary for water supply customers in full, emergency situations and as a result, deterioration of water and sanitation services to bona fide users.

Developers often misleading unsuspecting buyers, and after the sale of apartments shift the problem of illegal communications on the shoulders of the residents. Rostov, unaware of the presence of problems, can buy an apartment in an apartment building illegally connected. As a result, find themselves without water and other utility goods. Future tenants, apartment owners when buying premises should be thoroughly checked, whether open personal accounts for water supply, sewerage, to the light, and so on, so as not to be duped by unscrupulous sellers.

Despite the fact that Vodokanal forced to make tough measures to curb unauthorized connections, it is open to dealing with situations arising from dishonest or incompetent actions of the owners of the buildings. Especially if unauthorized connection found in the already populated tenement house. Water utility is interested in connection procedure being performed in accordance with the law and ended with the conclusion of the contract for rental of drinking water and waste water reception.

JSC «Vodokanal» urges have a timely application for the technical conditions for connection, connection agreements, execute in accordance with the requirements of the project design document, enter into contracts for rental of drinking water and wastewater welcome to use the services of water supply and sanitation legally.

The press-service of OJSC «Vodokanal» of the city of Rostov-on-Don.