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Sochi meets heads of financial and economic departments and chief accountants of enterprises of belonged to «Evraziyskiy» holding

June 26th–27th specialists of «Evraziyskiy» holding had a meeting in Sochi where they discussed topical issues of accounting and tax accounting and reporting, as well as tariff regulation in the field of water supply and sanitation.

Meeting economic, financial and accounting services holding company are traditional, this year's meeting was held in the framework of the celebration of the Holding Company in September celebrated 20-th anniversary of Evraziyskiy, and in December 80th birthday of Sochi Vodokanal.

The objectives of the meeting were to increase professionalism of accounting and financial services as a particular set of qualities of the expert determining its high competence, commitment to continuous development and professional association — the voluntary consolidation of colleagues interested in mutually beneficial exchanges, cooperation and support the formation of a strong, successful and credible team of specialists.

 Meeting organized by JSC «Evraziyskiy» with the participation of auditors «Auditing and consulting company EKFI». «The themes aroused great interest among managers and professionals financial, economic and legal departments of «ON «Vodokanal», Rostov-on-Don, «Yugvodokanal», LLC «Sochivodokanal».

— You should meet in order to discuss common issues related to accounting, taxation, management, financial order — said opening the meeting, Larissa Shupletsova, Deputy General Director of JSC «Evraziyskiy». — Two years ago we held the first meeting in Novorossiysk, now again there is a need to share experiences and discuss innovations in finance and economics, and how these innovations into practice.

Elena Kharitonova, CEO of auditing and consulting company «EKFI» took part the active participation in the meeting. In her report she commented in detail the new Federal Law «On Accounting» № 402-FZ and the associated changes in accounting and reporting, outlined the future the introduction of PBU. Much attention was paid to the organization of the internal control over financial and economic activity of enterprises. Head of the Audit Department of the ACC counseling «EKFI» Larissa Galiakberova told about the unified accounting policies utilities for 2014 and summarized comments on checks auditors in 2013.

Keen interest in the meeting topic caused consideration of tax authorities in enterprises water and sanitation sector, analysis of typical claims. Reports on this subject have been prepared and chief accountants of three water utilities — from Rostov-on-Don, Crimea and Sochi.

— The format of this meeting, I think, is the most successful as the gathered professionals working in the same holding company and interested in maximum performance of the work, — says Elena Kharitonov, General Director of «Audit and consulting company «EKFI». — We have worked effectively in the «brainstorming». I'm sure those approaches, those techniques that we discussed here, will be effectively implemented.

The Executive Director of the Russian Association of Water Supply and Sanitation (Rabbi) Elena Dovlatova also did the report. It considered objective factors influencing the decline in the economic efficiency of water utilities. Executive Director Rabbi pointed to the heterogeneity of approach to regulation of tariffs and electricity sector ViV noted that the PPA has written for regulation ViV were written without industry-specific utilities. Rapporteur highlighted the problem of divergence indicators for individual water consumption and common housing metering devices, in connection with which, according to Rabbi, the average for Russia utilities lose 5 to 13 billion rubles per year. Besides the duties on collecting payments passed on to the Executive communal services. It acts as an intermediary and is not interested in the quality performance of their duties. Pointing to the problems of the industry, Elena Dovlatova talked about ways of solution offered by Rabbi.

Consultant of Rabbi Krivushicheva Irina stopped at customs accounting and taxation in the implementation of concession agreements. Head of the Economic Department of the Russian Association of Water Supply and Sanitation Olga Nikitina highlighted the issues of development, coordination, approval and adjustment of investment and production programs in ViV and customs tariff policy for water supply and sanitation in 2014.

— JSC «Evraziyskiy» and those belonged to this holding company have significant experience in attracting grants budgets at various levels within the regional and federal programs, — said Elena Dovlatova. — Experience in a public-private partnership in which the JSC «Evraziyskiy» that is, in fact, a pioneer in the industry, shows a high demand and interest is considered by enterprises operating in other regions of Russia.