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Rostov Vodokanal: water and sanitation specialists, trained in RSCU reflects a reliable talent pool

CEO of JSC «Vodokanal», member of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region Alexander Skryabin took part in solemn graduation ceremony at Rostov State University of Civil Engineering (RSCU). He handed the diplomas to the graduates who became experts in the field of water supply and sanitation.

In his welcoming remarks, A.Scryabin warmly congratulated the boys and girls on leaving of the leading university of southern Russia in the construction sector, coming into to adult working life, the path of professional fulfillment. He emphasized the long-standing and strong contacts businesses and university department of water supply and sanitation. In the Rostov Vodokanal students take practice here many graduates come to work after graduation. In RSSU at the Department of Water Supply and Sanitation workers of «Vodokanal» accelerated program was prepared on the basis of specialized secondary education or higher profile a second degree. Dozens of former graduates are now working in the Water Channel in responsible positions.Alexander Scryabin himself graduated RSSU; Ph.D., their knowledge and extensive practical experience, he sends students the department of water supply and sanitation.

«RSSU can be called a source of manpower for the water utility. Here prepare competent, knowledgeable professionals. Only those needed today waterworks, which makes its work on professionalism, a serious approach to the formation of personnel reserve. Highly educated professionals — key to development, enterprise competitiveness. Therefore, we appreciate the cooperation with Rostov State Building University, the growing business and friendly relations», — said A. Scryabin.

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The press-service of OJSC «Vodokanal» of the city of Rostov-on-Don.