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Professional contest «Best Worker» among water utilities of Russia, organized by JSC «Evraziyskiy», is held in Rostov-on-Don

Professional contest «Best Worker» among enterprises of water sector in Russia, organized by JSC «Evraziyskiy», held in JSC «Vodokanal» in Rostov-on-Don on July 18-th.

The competition is the best match themselves professionals not only from water utilities Southern Russia, members of the group of companies JSC «Evraziyskiy» — Sochi, Krimsky, Rostov-on-Don, but water utilities and the Volga — Samara, Perm, Kirov, water utilities Northwest Russia — St. Petersburg and the Republic of Karelia. The upcoming event has the right to be called the All-Russian. Rostov-on-Don will gather the best representatives of the industry working professionals at WSS after qualifying competitions for their enterprises. In order to gamble uncompromising struggle to determine the best of the best.

In order to support contest participants representatives of the Russian Association of Water Supply and Sanitation, the Legislative Assembly and the Government of the Rostov region, Krasnodar Territory Administration and Administration of Rostov-on –Don will come up.

The contestants will not only compete, but also be able to learn about the traditions and culture of the Don region. They will be offered a rich cultural program: familiarity with Starocherkassky historical and architectural museum reserve, cultural and historical complex «Don Cossack», folk Cossack ensemble «Don Father».

For reference only:

In 2014 the company JSC «Evraziyskiy» celebrates 20th anniversary of its founding and the 10th anniversary of the Don on the ground. With the full support of the regional and municipal authorities of the Rostov and Krasnodar regions of «Evraziyskiy» and its subsidiaries — JSC «Vodokanal» (Rostov-on-Don), «Yugvodokanal», LLC «Sochivodokanal» implement large-scale projects aimed to modernize and increase the reliability of the most important life-support industry — water and wastewater system.

To effectively address the critical challenges of modernization and development of water supply and sanitation, improvement of professional skills of employees of water utilities company «Evraziyskiy» is holding a contest «Best Worker» among utilities.

«The Best Worker» — an important tool for the professional growth of employees, it helps to raise the prestige of working professions scope of water supply and sanitation. Performing practical and theoretical tasks, contestants — Locksmiths rescue and recovery operations, repairer— turner, welder, laboratory chemical analysis, machinists excavators and other professional spheres WSS — hone skills in the application of new technologies, exchange of experiences. From competition, aimed at improving the professional skills of workers vodokanals benefit urban residents, who as a result get more comfortable living conditions.

Competition will be held on the basis of «Vodokanal» (Rostov-on-Don), where all the necessary conditions for high level competition. Production base, modern training ground allow contestants in their entirety to reveal his ability to demonstrate experience of colleagues.