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Rostov Vodokanal conduct raids to disable consumer — dodgers for water

JSC «Vodokanal» (Rostov-on-Don) spent the next stage of the raid on the isolation of supply individual houses, the owners of which are in the habit of not paying utility bills for water during or do not pay at all.

The first point of diversion was private house located on the street Struve. Arrears for water here is 141 223 rubles. Home owners regretted the situation, but could not explain the reasons why they did not pay for water, preferring to accumulate debts.

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Vodokanal specialists descended into the well and dismantled portion of the pipeline connected to the point of attachment to the city networks.

Next house deadbeat to be visited by the staff during a raid was in the street Furmanovsky. Arrears for water here are relatively «small» and counts 17 223 rubles. The mistress of the household was also unable to explain why not pay for a resource that actively use: and for domestic household use and for irrigation. The idea of having no common benefits was not pleased at all, consequently the sum of money needed was immediately found, and she went to pay the debt.

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«Some consumers are confident of their impunity, however, the law «On the Water Supply and Sanitation» from 07.12.2011, № 416-FZ, if the subscriber is payable two or more accounting periods, a supplier allows organizations to terminate or restrict supply (or disposal), per night notifying the debtor itself and regulators — said the chief of the control of execution of contracts of «Vodokanal» Andrey Deripaskin.

The hosts of the block of flats who used to violate the payment lived in Batumi Lane, managed to amass an impressive duty. The amount of debt here was 326,264 rubles. Apparently the inhabitants of the house in the habit of not paying vital services. However, coming off of the water caused them to change their position and pay the bills.

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The same thing happened in the case of house, located in Pirogov St. The amount of debt here was 57,136 rubles. The staff of Vodokanal had to listen to confused explanations of own irresponsibility, regret and remorse stimulated. People did not want to refuse the usual comfort and decided to pay the debt.

As experience has shown the idea to restrict the water debtors is one of the most effective measures against receivables. During this past week Rostov Vodokanal has disconnected from the water supply of about 15 subscribers, all of them were individual houses in the streets of Petrovskaya, Stanislavskogo, the Dniesterovskogo, Puhlyakovskogo, Krepostnoy Lane, Vyoshenskaya, Vagulevskogo, Popova, the 30-letiya Oktyabrya. The most part of debtors who the staff came to avoid tripping and immediately rush to pay their debts. Carrying out such raids is a plan of the company. For the time being the warnings about upcoming trips have been sent by registered mail with notification to subscribers who have debts of Voroshilovskiy, Kirovskiy, Sovietskiy, Zheleznodorozhniy, Leninskiy, Octyabrskiy, Pervomajskiy districts of Rostov-on-Don. The alerting delinquent subscribers of Proletarskiy district is coming to the end.


«The disconnection of the water supply system is a forced measure impact on debtors. We use it for those consumers, with no other arguments are not valid. After repayment of the debt, the payment of a new connection to the water supply, the provision of services to the consumer resumes in full», — said Andrey Deripaskin.

Provision of water and sanitation services is the main activity for JSC «Vodokanal». Timely payment of services rendered to population now guarantees the fulfillment of the production program: the repair of water and sewer systems, purchase new equipment and chemicals used in water treatment, materials and capital for emergency services, etc. From dodgers economy suffers not only companies, but also the entire town, all the people living in it.

For reference only:

For the date of June 30, 2014 there are over 10 thousand subscribers who are considered to be the worst debtors who have not paid for 12 months (1 year). The total amount of subscriber sector is more than 207 million rubles.

The press-service of OJSC «Vodokanal» of the city of Rostov-on-Don.