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Rostov Vodokanal holds nationwide competition «Best Worker», dedicated to the 20th anniversary of JSC «Evraziyskiy»

Professional contest «Best Worker» among enterprises of water sector in Russia, organized by JSC «Evraziyskiy», was held at JSC «Vodokanal» in Rostov-on-Don on July 18th.

The competition is the best means to assess professional skills of the specialists not only from water utilities all over Southern Russia and in the group companies of JSC «Evraziyskiy» such as Sochi, Krimsky, Rostov-on-Don but also water utilities from the Volga region — Samara, Perm, Kirov, water utilities of the Northwest Russia — St. Petersburg and the Republic of Karelia, the last qualifying competition for their enterprises.

All-Russia competition of water utilities was timed to the 20th anniversary of the founding of the «Evraziyskiy» and the 10th anniversary of its work on the ground, and the results of its work in Don region was another recognition of company`s merits in the development of the water sector of the country.

In order to support the contestants the representatives of Association of Water Supply and Sanitation, the Legislative Assembly and the Government of the Rostov region, the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region Administration of Rostov-on-Don as well as labor organizations of Don and Kuban regions came.

Giving a speech at the opening ceremony, Deputy General Director of JSC «Evraziyskiy» Dmitriy Puzanov underlined the uniqueness of the competition, its importance to enhance the prestige of working professions housing and utilities sector: «All those present here today are people with all my heart ailing business. The main capital and wealth of our companies is highly trained staff dedicated to their profession».

Executive Director of the Russian Association of Water Supply and Sanitation Elena Dovlatova thanked the company «Evraziyskiy» for giving water utilities workers the opportunity to meet at this competition, share experiences, learn from each other. She stressed that such competitions contribute to increasing the prestige of the profession.

Chairman of the Committee of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region on economic policy, industry, business, investments and foreign economic relations Victor Shumeev, Deputy Minister of Housing Rostov region Andrey Kovalev made a particular stress at their speeches to wish all the good luck to the participants, noting that such competitions contribute to the revival and broadening the tradition for working skills development, and it is an important condition continuing success of the company «Evraziyskiy» based on public -private partnership investment projects «Water of Rostov» and «Clean Don».

«For ten years they have been doing quite a lot, not only managing to recover all utilities but also increasing the amount of resource supply to the city. Since that time the order of 8 million square meters of housing has been commissioned, and it has been provided with water. And according to a recent analysis in the first half of this year compared with the first half of the previous one the number of impulses has nearly doubled. All this happens thanks to the efforts of workers of Rostov Vodokanal and «Evraziyskiy», — said the deputy head of the Administration of the city of Rostov-on-Don Vladimir Artsybashev.

High importance for the growth of professional skills competition was noted by the member of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region, the Chairman of the Krasnodar regional trade union organization of worker sustaining Gennady Shabunin and chairman of Rostov regional trade union organization of sustaining Yuri Avdeev.

General Director of «Vodokanal» Alexander Scryabin told how proud he is of the fact Rostov Vodokanal is hosting the competition as representative, noting that there are all conditions for high level competition. He announced the launch of the competition and the participants went on competitive sites.

Locksmiths rescue and recovery operations, maintenance turners, welder s, laboratory chemical analysists, machinists for excavators and other professionals of the enterprise competed with enthusiasm and passion.

Perhaps the most spectacular event was among machinists and excavator drivers as well as locksmiths operators of the training ground Rostov Vodokanal designed for practical skills elimination of emergencies on the water and sewer networks and valve replacement. Pipes of different materials with isolation valves under pressure allow to train in the usage of modern repair materials under conditions as close as possible to real conditions.

Those who assessed the technology and quality of work, time to complete, compliance with safety regulations was the panel of judges of «Best Worker» with representatives of each of the participating teams, trade union organizations of the enterprises participating in the contest.

After performing competitive tasks, participants shared their impressions.

Locksmith for sewer at JSC «Vodokanal» (Rostov-on-Don) Sergey Kanyuk:

«We`ve come from many cities. Everybody likes their work but each has something to say, to show. We are lucky to have very interesting, useful dialogue».

Welder LLC «Samara municipal systems» Eugene Koryagin:

«It is a good idea to hold such contests. Just watch the way our colleagues from other water utilities cope with the tasks. Someone succeeds quickly, someone takes quality. Got something to learn. Such competitions are necessary, they are of great benefit».

After that the results of the contest have been summed up.

First place and the title of «Best Worker» got the team of locksmiths for plumbing «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» within S. Eskin, N.Khrapovitsky, V. Dmitriev; team of locksmiths for sewer JSC «Vodokanal» (Rostov-on-Don), consisting of S.Kasparansa, S. Lastochkin, S. Kanuyk; turner for JSC «Vodokanal» (Rostov-on-Don) A.Danilov; repairer JSC «Vodokanal» (Rostov-on-Don) I.Kulakovskiy; welder for JSC «Vodokanal» (Rostov-on-Don) V. Germanov; laboratory chemical analysist of «Vodokanal» (Rostov-on-Don) M. Kokarev; machinist for excavator of «Rostovenergospetsremont Ltd» (Rostov-on-Don) S. Makariev; driver for LLC «LOT» (Rostov-on-Don) V. Rudenko.

Second place in the competition was taken by: ATS team locksmiths plumbing JSC «Vodokanal» (Rostov-on-Don), within A.Klyuchnikov, K. Klyuchnikov, P.Pleshakov; team locksmiths sewer «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» composed A. Mishin, A. Belov, A.Kuftyrev; turner LLC «Sochivodokanal» S.Gorokhovskiy; repairer for LLC «Sochivodokanal» A. Residents; welder LLC «Sochivodokanal» SV Eremeyev; laboratory chemical analysis LLC «Sochivodokanal» I. Nemsadze; excavator driver for LLC «LOT» (Rostov-on-Don) O. Dokuchaev; driver LLC «Sochivodokanal» V. Bragin.

Third place was taken by: brigade of locksmiths at plumbing for LLC «Sochivodokanal» within N. Dolmatov, A. Zatula, M. Zaitsev; ATS team locksmiths for sewer LLC «Sochivodokanal» consisting SV Vedischeva, VS Kovalev, VA Flank; turner «Yugvodokanal» S. Ablitarov; repairer for SUE «Vodokanal» V. Vasilev; welder for «Yugvodokanal» S.Sergienko; laboratory chemical analysis for LLC «NOVOGOR – Kama» (Perm) A. Rangulova; excavator driver «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» N. Shpak; driver LLC «NOVOGOR Prikamje» (Perm) K.Kets.

Winners and team — contestants were solemnly awarded with gift certificates, diplomas and valuable gifts from the company «Evraziyskiy» and Rostov Vodokanal. A number of contestants who showed good results, but were not lucky to win. Participants received gifts from the utility and St. Petersburg, Russian Communal Systems team.

For reference only:

In 2014 the company JSC «Evraziyskiy» celebrates 20th anniversary of its founding and the 10th anniversary of the Don on the ground. With the full support of the regional and municipal authorities of the Rostov and Krasnodar regions of «Evraziyskiy» and its subsidiaries — JSC «Vodokanal» (Rostov-on-Don), «Yugvodokanal», LLC «SochiVodokanal» implement large-scale projects aimed to modernize and increase the reliability of the most important life-support industry and water and wastewater system.

To address effectively the critical challenges of modernization and development of water supply and sanitation, improvement of professional skills of employees of water utilities company «Evraziyskiy» holds the contest «Best Worker» among utilities.

«The Best Worker» is an important tool for the professional growth of employees, it helps to raise the prestige of working professions scope of water supply and sanitation. Performing practical and theoretical tasks, contestants who are locksmiths rescue and recovery operations, repairer turners, welder, laboratory chemical analysis, machinists excavators and other professional spheres of WSS demonstrate their skills in the application of new technologies, exchange of experiences. The competition, aimed at improving the professional skills of workers for Vodokanal gives benefit to urban residents, who in the end get more comfortable living conditions.

Active participation in the preparation and conduct of the contest is given by Training Centre of Rostov Vodokanal. Centre prepares for 36 trades and 23 additional professional educational programs. Profession that Vodokanal teaches is a great deal demanding in the labor market. Number of specialties for water supply and sanitation cannot be studied in other educational institutions. Therefore Rostov Vodokanal trains workers not only his company, but also provides educational services to other businesses of the southern region. Rostov Vodokanal is the main corporate educational division of «Evraziyskiy».