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Volunteers employees of LLC " Sochivodokanal " raids

In the midst of the holiday season Sochivodokanal specialists together with the volunteers of the "Serebryaniy vozrast" checked the way the rules of water use in the village of Vardan are being complied.

Raids at sites where water consumption is suspended are held regularly. These sites are private sectors residential buildings and inns, and the team of representatives including deputy general director , water supply specialists, staff of Customer Service come to the sites. This time indifferent residents of Sochi and activists of "Development Volunteer Center of Sochi" have joined the company's employees.

In one of the hotels at Molodezhnaya St. inspectors observe the  measurement unit of water consumption . It is installed in a room in the backyard , which is a violation. Counters should be imposed at the boundary - beyond the land so that  the inspectors could have free access to them .

An inspector of Customer service department at Lazarevsky WSS takes readings checked against the previous value. It is a kind of standard procedure : the water supply at the meter shuts off , and thus the entire hotel complex consists of two residential buildings in three or four floors , kitchen, dining room , cafe, economic unit , must be cut off water supply. But there is water supply at the food unit . It breaks the law because it`s illegal.

- When checking the private hotels we , unfortunately, are often faced with such a violation : a part of a residential complex is supplied via the conduit , which is connected to the unit of accounting , and some - through illegal sidebar - says Deputy General Director of LLC " SochioVodokanal " Inna Zheleyko .

Consequently, the site is disconnected from the water supply and the shut-off valve is sealed . The hotelier is to be at SochiVodokanal to pay the penalty for the illegal connection and legalize their water use completely.

- Of course, you have to pay for water , - says Elena Benz volunteer. - In the case of the hotel at Molodezhnaya St, all the procedures made by Sochivodokanal were right. Moreover, in my opinion, Vodokanal need to act concretely for each user. People need to know what they might expect for violations.

Volunteers of "Serebrayniy vozrast" took an active part in the raid , not only to watch for a while, but talked to residents of Vardan , inquired about the problem. This holiday village has no central sewerage, and local area networks are operating at  load limit. As a result domestic runoff ends up in storm drains, flowing along the sidewalks , and sometimes just for the terrain .  Few private sector houses set up local treatment facilities . Suffering and the environment, and reputation as a resort of Sochi .

- In Vardan , and in some other towns of Sochi, there is no centralized sewerage system , or it  cannot cope with the additional workload , - says Igor Gorbunov, a volunteer . - It is clear that this concern for the city government , but also specialists in Sochi water treatment plant could serve as experts , to formulate the most appropriate option for the city to solve this problem , maybe bring it for discussion . For example, members of the Municipal Assembly of Sochi.

During the raid in the village of Vardan 75 sites revealed 17 violations of the rules of water use , including two illegal connections were surveyed. Violators had penalties totaling 248 872.52 rubles.

Similar events are held in Sochi Vodokanal on a regular basis and cover all areas of the city . With the support of the public water utility Sochi achieves this goal: to bring water use in the city of Sochi in full compliance with statutory regulations.

Department of Public Relations , LLC " SochiVodokanal "