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Rostov Vodokanal cleans and disinfects water using modern technology

Rostov Vodokanal specialist took part in a round table on the theme " Water: what do we drink ?"  held in the media center " Medias " in Rostov -on-Don . Government officials, scientists, manufacturers of bottled water and experts discussed the quality of water , both natural and bottled one.

Process engineer JSC " Vodokanal" Gayane Popovyan dwelled on technology of water purification used in sewage treatment plants in Rostov plumbing. She noted that the source of water supply for the Rostov-on- Don is the river Don . This source is quite complex, the quality of water in it is changeable to strong seasonal variations, for example, by the indicator of turbidity . Vodokanal promptly responds to these changes by choosing a particular system of cleaning agents while doing treatment.

Water quality is being controlled at labs of Rostov Vodokanal and Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare . Control is carried out not only at the treatment plants, but also in the urban distribution network. Thanks to the efforts of the water treatment plant the quality of drinking water supplied to consumers Vodokanal , in accordance with the health rules and regulations.

The representative of the water utility also responded to questions from the participants of the round table on the enterprise to control the organoleptic characteristics of water, replacing parts of water supply network. Information was accepted excitedly and has become an important part of the round table discussion .

At wastewater treatment plants of JSC "Vodokanal"  water purification is carried out using an organic cation of flocculant poli DADMAH . This technology allows you to stabilize the quality of purified water to make it less dependent on the state of water in the river Don. The procedaure of putting reagent is fully automated , reagent dosage adjustment is carried out on the basis of a test of coagulation and may be a technologist from the control room .

In 2012, Rostov Vodokanal introduced advanced technology of water disinfection with ultraviolet light. Additional water disinfection ultraviolet increases drinking water quality and reduces the risk of falling into the water resistant to chlorine microorganisms. The advantages include the absence of the effect of ultraviolet UV irradiation on the physical and chemical composition of the water , side effects and by-products that have a negative impact on human health . In combination with other activities undertaken by JSC " Vodokanal" : the transition to the use of water disinfection of sodium hypochlorite instead of chlorine , pre-ammoniation and others, the introduction of UV is an important step towards improving the quality of water supplied to consumers.