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A new section of sewer collector in the Mamayka

Ltd. "SochiVodokanal " has completed the construction and made ​​the connection of the new site in the area of ​​pressure collector 73 km Mamayka . The length of the new line is 200 meters in diameter - 500 mm . This manifold carries wastewater from the sewage pumping station on Landyshevaya  Street to treatment facilities in Dagomys .

- The collector runs down the mountainside , and landslides occur frequently here . Recently due to ground motions at the site , there were several accidents, so it was decided to shift part of the collector , - said the chief engineer of " Sochivodokanal " Dmitry Chemyaev . - At the moment the work is fully completed .

According to experts, the activities undertaken improve the quality of wastewater at the site Mamayka - Dagomis . This is especially important because the lower slope of the mountain railway, and any damage to the sewerage networks threaten its flooding . With the construction of a new section of the potential for leaks from the reservoir is reduced to almost zero.