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The first regional competition for the title " Best Worker" among water utilities Rostov region was held in JSC " Vodokanal"

The first regional competition for the title " Best Worker" among enterprises of water supply and sanitation sector of the Rostov Region was held in JSC " Vodokanal" in Rostov- on-Don on 1 August. The contest was organized by the Ministry of Housing , with the participation of the Rostov region of Rostov water utility based on experiences such contests by JSC " Evraziyskiy " , celebrating this year the 20th anniversary of its founding and 10 years of operation in the Don zemle.Kubok winner in a bitter struggle won Rostov water utility .

In part konkurseprinyali workers vodokanals of Azov, Taganrog, Volgodonsk , Rostov-on- Don, SUE RO " URSV ", LLC " Donreko ." As part of the six teams competed locksmiths emergency restoration of water supply and sewerage , electric and gas , laboratory chemical analysis.

In his welcoming speech to the participants of the deputy governor of the Rostov Region Sergey Trifonov said that the contest is a further indication of the attention given to the governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev, the regional government the issue of quality and timely provision of public water services.

"The purpose of the Competition improvement of professional skills of employees of water utilities and increase staffing levels in the water supply industry . The result of such events should be an increase in the reliability and quality of services for consumers. Benefit from competition , aimed at lifting professionalism of WSS , the residents of the Don, which as a result get more comfortable living conditions , "- said the deputy governor .

Chairman of the Rostov regional organization of trade union life support Yuri Avdeev, general director of " Donreko " Alex Astaforov in their speeches welcomed the birth of the tradition of regional competitions among water utilities , as a good school experience and skill .

General Director of JSC " Vodokanal" Alexander Scryabin expressed gratitude to the Governor of the Rostov region , the Ministry of Housing for the fact that the example of the Rostov water utility companies "Evraziyskiy " for the competition " Best Worker" maintain the level of the region.

" Rostov Vodokanal has all the conditions for the competition at a high level . Production basis allows contestants to reveal their capabilities , demonstrate expertise to colleagues , "- said Alexander Scryabin . He gave a start to the contest, and participants went on competitive sites.

The contest included a number of case studies and evaluation of the theoretical knowledge of competitors . Locksmiths rescue and recovery operations competed at the training range Rostov water utility , intended for developing practical skills to eliminate emergencies on the water and sewer networks , replacing the valves. Pipelines are under pressure and allow to train in the use of modern repair materials under conditions as close as possible to reality. With no less passion and enthusiasm competitive tasks performed laboratory chemical analysis in a central laboratory water system, electric and gas.

The jury assessed the quality strictly and time of performance.

First place in the regional competition "Best Worker " among water utilities won by a team of fitters rescue and recovery operations aqueduct CBM "Management of Vodokanal" Taganrog ; ( Yaremchuk A.E, Karpechenko R.V, Sereda V.V . ) Team of fitters rescue and recovery operations sewage JSC " Vodokanal" , Rostov-on -Don ; ( A.V Alekseev , Tiratsuyan J.A, Bulbas A.D . ) A welder for JSC " Vodokanal" , Rostov-on -Don Volodkin A.A ; a laboratory chemical analysis of JSC " Vodokanal" Rostov -on- Don Evsyukova Y.

Winners , prize winners , contestants , Deputy Minister of Housing and Communal Services of the Rostov region Andrei Kovalev solemnly handed diplomas, cash prizes , commemorative cups and medals . Cup of the winner of the regional contest " Best Worker" was awarded JSC " Vodokanal" in Rostov-on -Don, who won the team competition .

For reference only:

On the basis of JSC " Vodokanal" JSC "Evraziyskiy ", the strategic investor of Rostov Vodokanal , annual competition "Best Worker " among water utilities in the group of companies " Evraziyskiy ". "Best Worker" is an important tool for the professional growth of employees , it helps to raise the prestige of working professions sphere of water supply and sanitation . Performing practical and theoretical tasks, contestants hone skills in the application of new technologies , sharing of knowledge.

This experience has been highly appreciated by the leadership of the Rostov region, the city of Rostov -on-Don , the regional Ministry of Housing and Communal Services . It was decided to extend the contest " Best Worker" for the whole region.

For further information:

July 18, 2014 Rostov Vodokanal held  all-Russian competition "Best Worker " dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the founding of the "Evraziyskiy " and the 10th anniversary of its work on the Don land in which to measure themselves the best professionals in their field , not only of water utilities of the South of Russia, in the group of companies of " Evraziyskiy " - Sochi , Crimea , Rostov-on- Don, but also water channels of the Volga - Samara , Perm, Kirov, water utilities in Northwest Russia - St Petersburg and the Republic of Karelia, the last qualifying competitions in their enterprises.

Active participation in the preparation and carrying out of competitions "Best Worker " takes Personnel Training Centre at Rostov Vodokanal , part of which is unique to the water utilities of the South Russian training ground . Centre prepares for 36 trades and 23 additional professional educational programs. Profession that teaches Vodokanal , scarce and in demand in the labor market . Number of specialties for water supply and sanitation cannot be learned in other educational institutions. Therefore, the ZPP Rostov water utility employees are trained not only his company, but also provide educational services to other businesses of the southern region , the whole of Russia . Training centre of Rostov Vodokanal is the main corporate educational division of JSC " Evraziyskiy ".

Press-service of OJSC PO “Rostov Vodokanal” of the city of Rostov-on-Don