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Eight gusts being eliminated by specialists of the branch "Yeisky group water " LLC " Yugvodokanal " August 9th

During the second half of the day of 09 August and the night of 10 August, the group of emergency recovery workers of the branch “Yeisky Group Water Supply” LLC “Yugvodokanal” had been working to eliminate pipe leaks at water main №1.

It should be noted that today the most of the objects of Water and Waste Water Services located in the territory of the branch are in worn out technical condition. Water main №1 owned by the administration of Krasnodar Region was built over 30 years ago. Normative period of pipeline system use is 25 years. It follows that this line is operated beyond the term of its effective use. In order to avoid any emergency situation the pressure in the system has to be reduced year after year, what leads to a decrease of water supply to customers. However, every year the number of emergency accidents in main water №1 increases. And, as the specialists note the damage became more serious and severe. If before there were only cracks, there are more flaws and breaks now. And for the recent time the accidents involving electrical equipment occur. Thus, an inflammation of the instrumental transformer ZNOM-35-65 occurred on 08 August at 15:30 in the area of head structures of the branch “Yeisk Group Water Supply” LLC “Yugvodokanal” in the settlement Octyabrsky of Leningrad Region due to the abnormally high temperature established in Kuban for the last days and to the run out of electrical equipment. Automatic control system went off and shut off the main transformer feeding the pump station of the second lifting and the area of head structures. The electrician NS-2 extinguished the fire on his own quickly and switched to the standby transformer. Less than an hour later at 16:15 the pump was put on work. The complete water turn off was avoided while removing the emergency accident, but the volume of the water supply has been reduced. The ordinary water supply was carried on from 9-00 p.m on August 08.

However the serious consequences after a sudden stop of water-pumping station work failed to be avoided. On the main water line №1 in the second half of the day of August 09 there was a raft of pipe leaks, which resulted in the reduction of water supply to customers of the branch “Yeisk Group Water Supply” from 3.00 p.m of that day again. During the day, the group of emergency recovery workers had been eliminating 8 leaks on water main №1. The work was completed to the time of 04:00 am on Sunday. From 08:00 a.m. on 10 August the water supply was carried on in full.