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Dictating and control points allow regulating the operating process of Rostov Vodokanal quickly and efficiently increasing the reliability of water supply

Water supply network of JSC “PO Vodokanal” (Rostov-on-Don) is equipped with 42 dictating and 17 control points. This allows to workers to regulate technological conditions of networks quickly and efficiently, resulting in increasing of the reliability of water supply system and electricity saving.

The data from dictating points (pressure sensors) and control points (flowmeters and pressure sensors) is displayed online on the monitors of the Central Operation Control Center of Vodokanal. The continuous data acquisition allows to the technologist on duty to react quickly on any deviations of the predetermined process conditions and to make necessary adjustment immediately.

“Effective management and maintenance of the determined technological processes in water distribution in the city network depends mainly on the receiving of the reliable information about the specifications at different points. This task is completed by means of control and dictating points thanks to which there is a continuous monitoring of the water pressure and water consumption in the water distribution system of the city. Control of the pressure operated on the basis of a constant supply of data to the control center leads to a reduction of any emergency accidents, electricity saving, optimization of the operation process of pumping stations, "- said Igor Tron, the chief technologist of JSC" Vodokanal ".

The date obtained from dictating points is automatically entered into the electronic archive which gives an opportunity for making a very thoughtful analysis of all aspects of the network, technological modes, and causes of accidents. On the basis of this information the specialists of Vodokanal make reasonable technical decision concerning the modernization of the water supply system.

In addition to the operational management of the water supply system the control points provides a means of solving the problem of the area control over the city and revealing the hidden and commercial water losses. The installation of dictating and control points at the key locations of the water supply system within the projects “Control and Remote Surveillance System” and “Area-based Control and Spending Reduction System” executed by Rostov Vodokanal is going on.