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Antimagnetic seals provide first results

Indicators of the magnetic field, designed to protect the counters, allowed to deal effectively with the problem of water theft. Only in July 2014 income from magnetically sensitive seals installed in the branch "Tamanskiy Group Water Supply " LLC "Yugvodokanal" averages out to more than 120 thousand rubles.

It should be noted that from May of this year the specialists of subscriber service center of Tamanskiy branch began installing the magnetically sensitive seals “MAGGLAZ” to the consumer water metering device. This concerned mainly the owners of mini-hotels, hotels and guest houses who receive guests during holiday season. The instrumentation of water metering devices with non-magnetic seals helps to detect and prove water theft made by means of a magnet.

"As practice shows, - says Irina Mikhailova, the head of subscriber service center of the branch "Tamanskiy Group Water Supply”. - We have noticed that in the holiday season water consumption increases in times unlike the sums on the receipts. That is why it was decided to purchase non-magnetic seals to deal with dishonest consumers. 500 seals “MAGGLAZ” in total were purchased, more than 400 things of which have been installed since May 2014. This concerned mainly to the residents of the settlements situated on the Azov coast: settlement Peresyp, Za Rodinu, Volna, Kuchuguri, Veselovka, Tamanskiy”

Comparative analysis of data of July of the years 2013 and 2014 showed that after the installation of non-magnetic seals in these hotels the water consumption increased by more than two thousand cubic meters. Thus, if in 2013, according to the metering devices they received 11,826 thousand cubic meters of drinking water, in July 2014 it was 14,266 thousand cubic meters. Respectively the payment for the consumed water also increased. Last year the total sum of payments per month of the owners of guest houses was 518 493 thousand rubles. Whereas preliminary charges for July 2014 have already made 644, 683 thousand rubles, which are 126 190 thousand rubles higher than last year.

"The economic benefit is obvious – said Dmitry Seredenko, Deputy General Director for Sales, LLC "Yugvodokanal " - It was spent about 50 thousand rubles on the purchase of non-magnetic seals, and the profit obtained only for one month is already more than 120 thousand rubles. Antimagnetic seals help to discipline people and convince them not to deceive.

It should be noted the theft of water by means of magnets is the most popular violation. So in the settlement Tamanskiy in one of the houses on Revolutsionnaya Street a magnet was found adjusting to metering device. Subscriber Service Center specialists made re-calculation for the amount of 22 753 thousand rubles. In Starotitorovskaya settlement the resident of Rostovskaya Street was fined 33 371 thousand rubles for a similar violation. 15 such fined persons paid 95 563 thousand rubles in July 2014.

For the seven months of this year 83 offenders were found out. Overall re-calculations average out to 321 282 thousand rubles.