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Employees of LLC "Sochivodokanal" set in order the collecting pipe at Meteleva Street.

The collecting pipe, 200 mm in diameter, was traced from the buildings at Meteleva Street down the mountainside to Fabritsius Street.

- The builders did their work improperly, - explains Vladimir Vediscchev, the engineer of sewer network of the Central district of LLC "Sochivodokanal" – The water wells are not equipped properly, there are no covers, and pipes are traced with severe violations of technological requirements.

And to top it all, in the area of new buildings down to Fabritsius Street there is a man-made landfall appeared because of careless work of the construction company group which caused the damage of the lower part of collecting pipe. Several water wells were destroyed, sewer-pipes were dislocated, drains turned out to be on surface.

The specialists of Sochi Vodokanal had to spend a lot of time and make efforts to deal with the problem.

-35 sewer manholes were repaired: bottoms being strengthened, reinforced-concrete rings being installed, water wells were closed with metal covers – said Sergey Antonyuk, Deputy General Director of "Sochivodokanal". – Damaged parts of the collecting pipe were re-layed, the blockages were eliminated.

In total, the complete recovery of the sewage collector 800 meters in length on Meteleva Street took three weeks of hard work of the specialists of sewer network LLC "Sochivodokanal."