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A call center launched a year ago in LLC “SochiVodokanal” helps to respond residents’ requests efficiently

Last August SochiVodokanal launched a call center – a special department of Company Operation Control Center dedicated to receive requests and messages about the problems with water supply and water discharge from the residents and quests of the city of Sochi.

- For the first year we received about 50 thousand calls on the all-day phone 255-05-05 – said Svetlana Zveyneks, the Chief Manager of Operation Control Center LLC “Sochivodokanal”. That is, on average, every day there are 138 calls.

The launch of the call center coincided with the period of active preparation work for Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi. Construction organizations hastened to perform the work and often neglected standards of safety and damaged water and sewer networks. In the second half of the year 2014, on average, every third day there were pipe leaks due to a fault of the careless constructors. In such heavy period of time notice of emergency accidents at the appropriate times, well-coordinated work of Operation Control Service and Emergency Recovery workers helped to deal effectively with the accidents and to restore water supply and water discharge in a short period of time

The result is logical: in the first half of the year 2014 a number of accidents, the elimination of which requires more than one day, decreased four times as compared with the same period in last year.

The work of the call-center is of great importance in our daily communication with the residents of the city – said Dmitry Chernyaev, the chief engineer of LLC “Sochivodokanal”. – We receive a lot of information from the citizens that helps us to make changes to the production process without delay. Such callbacks are very important because it gives an indication of how effective our actions are and what steps need to be taken to improve the quality of our work.

Now the call center of Sochivodokanal operates in the most severe conditions. According to the statistics data, the months of August and September are the “hottest” time of the year, not only because of average daily temperatures, but also because of high clients’ activity. During this period the number of citizens’ complaints increases of about 35 percent as compared with spring months. This is due to the fact, that the number of resort visitors is on the increase and as a result there is larger water consumption while water supply and water discharge systems experience are subjected to heavy loading.

Some situations that occur in this difficult period of time are really funny. While eliminating the pipe blockage emergency team find at times watermelon rinds, swimwear and even beach towels in the collecting pipe.