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The experts confirm the accuracy of water metering unit reading data

The Production Conference in Krymsk, attended by B.V.Ustenko, the Chief Engineer of GUP KK “Kubanvodkompleks”, A.P.Drozdov, Head of  PTO GUP KK "Kubanvodkompleks", V.A.Kovalevsky, Deputy Head of  Community Facilities Department of Regional Housing and Public Utilities, V.I.Polivara, Chief Engineer of PEU TGV, V.V.Chaplynsky, Chief Engineer of the MUP "Novorossiysk Vodokanal", M.S.Gandrabura, Deputy Director of LLC “Vzlet-Servis” in Rostov-on-Don and others, put an end in the dispute of long standing between MUP "Novorossiysk Vodokanal" and PEU “Troitskiy Group Water Supply System” LLC “Yugvodokanal” in the matter of installation place of commercial water metering stations at the water main №2 from NS-4TGV to the city of Novorossiysk.

The argument between two companies continues for last years. The debate is about what kind of device is considered to be commercial. Nowadays there are three of them – the one belongs to  “Troitskiy Group Water Supply System” LLC “Yugvodokanal” and it is set outside the territory of the NS-4, and two are the property of MUP "Novorossiysk Vodokanal" located on KP-4 and KP-7 at the entrance of Novorossiysk. Today, all mutual payments are carried out on the device on the HC-4. However Novorossiysk Vodokanal announced not once that this metering station shows the data of greater water volume than the city consumes it in fact. This problem was also hotly debated in the mass media.

To put an end in this dispute of long standing a special independent commission was appointed on the initiative of the Department of Housing and Public Utilities in Krasnodar region, headed by LLC “TD Vzlet” St. Petersburg, the specialized organization, a developer of electronic metering devices. They have made an analysis of the installed metering devices on KP-4, KP-7 and NS-4. The results were presented on the production conference which was held on August 12 in Krymsk. After exchanging opinions, the experts have come to the conclusion that “"the installation of commercial water metering stations on the downward flow of water from the North Portal to Novorossiysk is not rational under the current operating conditions." Novorossiysk Vodokanal was recommended to choose from two new locations. Vodokanal chose a place close to the NS-4, near the device of “Troitsk Group Water Supply System”. Municipal enterprise has got 4-beam water metering device of extra accuracy. Vodokanal made an application on August 14 to issue the technic specifications for the design planning of commercial water metering station at this location.