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The officers of the court recover 20 million in overall from LLC “Krymskiy Vodokanal”.

According to the press center of Federal Bailiff Service of Krasnodar Region, the Bailiff Department froze assets of LLC “Krymskiy Vodokanal”. This happened because of the debt of 27 million rubles for the water supply of the Company to LLC “Yugvodokanal”.

“After the seizure of property, the Company began paying debts, but currently the underpaid amount is yet another 7 million rubles” – as it was commented in the department.

It should be emphasized this is the result of bailiffs work for seven month from January to August of the year 2014 (the order of procedure was commenced in January 2014).  That is how long it took to law enforcement agencies to collect 20 million rubles. Meanwhile, for the period of seven months, according to experts’ opinion the local people gave to bank accounts the payments of approximately 70 million. Almost 95% of the residents of the Krymskiy Region pay their utility bills. According to the most approximate calculations it turns out that 20 million was spent on the partial debt discharge, and on an average about 20 million was spent on taxes, payments for electricity, salaries to employees, repair work, fuel and so on. A natural question arises – where is the remaining 30 million? Law enforcement agencies should do well to find out where the money is the residents paid to Krymskiy Vodokanal. Where and on what the money was spent?

Meanwhile during this period, from January to August, the debt of LLC “Krymskiy Vodokanal” increased by more than 2,5 times. As on August 18, 2014 receivables of LLC “KrymskiyVodokanal” to LLC "Yugvodokanal" is already 72 million 641 thousand rubles. This amount includes the remaining debt according to the first order of procedure for 7 million rubles. Besides, there is the other order added in August for the sum of 34 million 694 thousand rubles. By the way LLC “Krymskiy Vodokanal” tried to dispute this sum in Rostov appeal court. However, the court delivered the verdict not to change the law decision and to recover 34 million 694 thousand rubles from “Krymskiy Vodokanal”. LLC "Yugvodokanal" filed the lawsuit in the Court of Arbitration of the Krasnodar Region to recover the remaining sum of 30 million. It is a matter of interest how long it will take this time to the bailiffs to pay off the debts accumulated as a result of ignoring of debt obligations?