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The modernization of the pumping facilities is in progress at water intake structure “Mzimta”

23 new modern pumps of KSB trademark are in progress of installation in the downhole area of the left bank territory of the water intake structure “Mzimta” LLC “Sochivodokanal”. The work is provided as a part of the program of the company technical re-equipment.

- Capacity of the new pump will allow to raise to the surface of more than 250 cubic meters of water per hour, the previous pumps provided the lift of only 215 cubic meters, - says Yuriy Meskhi, the Head of water intake structure "Mzimta" LLC "Sochivodokanal”. – The KSB pumps will also allow us to go to the full automation of the pumping equipment, downhole water intake facilities.

Replacement of equipment is carried out by a team of mechanics led by Alexander Karpukhin. Workers have enough experience as they have been working at the company for the period of more than ten years.

Water is extracted from a depth of 24 to 54 meters. To reach the pump worked out its operating life specialists lift the pipe by means of the crane from the well through a hole in the roof of the pumping station. The height of the crane arm allows to lift not more than three sections at a time. The last part of the pipes is reached out with the pump attached to it.

The working submergence of the pump is 28,3 meters at the14th pumping facility. When the old equipment is lifted to the surface, it is possible to look directly into the well. Water is clearly visible, it is located at a depth of 11.5 meters. It means the pump is lowered into the water bearer of ample about 17 meters. This is done to ensure that the process of lifting the water was not affected by the seasonal fluctuations of its level.

The procedure is then repeated in reverse order: a new pump, which is expected to supply the residents of Adler and Hosts with water in future, is attached to tubes and immersed to the depths of the Earth. A section after section the tubes with cables attached are lowered down to the appropriate depth. Then a control panel is installed. The work is finished.

-Installation of new equipment at the stations of the first lifting allows us to make the process of lifting the water automatically controlled, reduce energy consumption, will allow to control the working process in this area distantly, to improve significantly the quality of water supply, reduce downtime of the equipment occurred because of failures in work and repairs - says Sergey Antonyuk, the Deputy Director General LLC "Sochivodokanal". – The Executive Board of the holding JSC “Evraziyskiy” which includes LLC “Sochivodokanal" keeps an issue of technical re-equipment of water supply and water discharge system in Sochi on the front-burner.