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The Summary Trade Union conference was held in Rostov Vodokanal

The XVI summary conference of primary trade union organization was held at JSC “PO Vodokanal” (Rostov-on-Don). It summarized the results of the work since August 2013 up to the present time and made plans for the year of 2015.

Stanislav Svetlitskiy, the General Director of JSC “PO Vodokanal” addressed a speech to the delegates. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and cooperation of trade union organization and administration in order to create a conductive environment in the company, to develop initiatives and productivity, to expand social partnership. Among the main vectors of work activity he pointed out the control over the technical and commercial losses of water, the improvement in the area of coordination with clients. The success of the Company in this sphere will be the key to further growth of the workers` social protection.

"Vodokanal -is socially oriented company. We work for people. This imposes a great responsibility on everything that we do, and we should be in compliance with ambitious goals, "- underlined Stanislav Svetlitskiy.

The report of Sergey Ermilov, the chairman of the trade union committee of JSC "Vodokanal", the reports of members of the trade union committee gave a detailed picture of the union work. There are 1941 persons in the trade union organization. The trade union organization gives a real support to employees in professional activity and social matters. The Collective Contract for the regulation of social and labor relations between employers and employees in JSC “PO Vodokanal” developed and adopted with the active involvement of the trade union, provides the workers of the water utility and their families with significant social support.

Thus, in the first half of the year 2014 the terms of the Collective Contract provided from the assets of the Company and the trade union financial assistance for medical treatment, funeral services, child birth and child care, summer vacations of workers and their families, compensations of the cost of sanatorium-resort therapy, one-time payment to retiring employees and payment to non-working pensioners.

For these purposes more than 2 million rubles of corporate funds and nearly 800 thousand rubles of union funds was spent; all the kinds of social assistance were provided to nearly 1700 people

Yuriy Avdeev, the Chairman of Rostov Regional Trade Union Committee spoke at the conference. He expressed a high opinion of the work of Trade Union Organization of Rostov Vodokanal.

At the Conference the work plan of Trade Union Organization of Vodokanal was adopted which includes the preparation for the signing of the Collective Contract for 2015-2017 years, the organization of cultural and sports activities, seminar on the 150th anniversary of Rostov Vodokanal which will be celebrated in the year of 2015. Also at the Conference the delegates for the XX Summary Election Conference of Rostov Regional Organization of Trade Union were elected.